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At this point, what can’t André 3000 do? On Mother’s Day the actor, singer, writer, producer, and artist-extraordinaire proved again why he is a living legend by dropping two new songs dedicated to his parents. “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)” is a soulful ballad wired with classy Elton John-ish piano and 3 Stacks reminiscing about riding shotgun with his mom to the grocery store and going to a football game with his old man. The track is nothing short of beautiful, rich with the sadness of your parents passing and how things were better when they were around.

On “Look Ma No Hands,” the 17-minute collaboration with James Blake, we find the duo diving into their jazz likings. The instrumental comes off as a conversion between the two artists with James Blake talking through the piano and André firing back with his bass clarinet. The veteran took to Instagram to say, “I’m sure all the cards, dinners, flowers and last minute gifts are appreciated but I’ve learned the best gift a parent could get is to simply know their child is ok.”

Probably none of us will ever be able to compete with André’s Mother’s Day gift, but what’s important is that we’ve been reminded to recognize the undying and unconditional love we owe to the people who brought us into this world and for that we thank you, André 3000. Listen below.