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Almost a year ago now, Brooklyn-based band Anamanaguchi released their massive collaboration with Japanese Vocaloid Superstar, Hastune Miku, aptly titled “Miku.”  It’s release coincided with them opening for Miku on her North American Tour.

In commemoration of its release, Anamanaguchi have returned with a new remix EP featuring two brand new alternate versions of the track. The EP also features a breezy funked-out house remix from Trekkie Trax’s Carpainter, a heavy rock’n’roll trap flip from B3n Aqua, a dark cinematic club edit from Maltine’s LLLL, an intricate glitchy take from Mino Mino, and a stadium-sized future bass remix from Lazerdisk. Each remix picks up on a key element of Anamanguchi’s original with some playing up the band’s chiptune origins while others favor the pop-spin Hatsune Miku brings to the table.

You can stream/download the full EP below and grab your copy here.