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Following the release of massive vocal track “Skyclad” (OWSLA) and Designer Drugs collab, “Empty Hearted” (ULTRA), producer and DJ Alvin Risk continues his 2013 onslaught with a new self-released EP Junk Food, available as a FREE DOWNLOAD through his website.

The four track EP showcases Risk’s unique take on driving electro house, lazer-ridden dubstep and breakneck drum & bass through his use of euphoric pop melodies and rip-your-face-off basslines. Junk Food also features collaborations with HYX (“TR0NCE”) and vocals by Jason Aalon Butler of letlive (“PUT EM UP”).

Stream the EP, grab the Free Download and check Alvin Risk’s upcoming tour dates below:

Alvin Risk Tour Dates:
2013-06-04 – ORLANDO, FL, US
2013-06-05 – MIAMI BEACH, FL, US
2013-06-08 – BALTIMORE, MD, US
2013-06-09 – BALTIMORE, MD, US
2013-06-13 – BARCELONA, SPAIN
2013-06-27 – NEW ORLEANS, LA, US
2013-06-28 – AUSTIN, TX, US
2013-06-29 – DALLAS, TX, US
2013-07-11 – MARIAVILLE, NY, US
2013-07-11 – MARIAVILLE, NY, US
2013-08-02 – CHICAGO, IL, US
2013-08-03 – LOS ANGELES, CA, US
2013-08-23 – DARESBURY, UK

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