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The new collaborative duo of Hodgy and Alvin Risk, better known as HA, shared their all-new single “Precious,” and it’s quite possibly the most unexpectedly weird and wonderful song you’ll hear all day. From the moment this little tune kicks in, you’ll be uttering an audible “WTF?!” in the best possible way; pulled along by clapping hands and heady lyrics that play off each other, the progression goes everywhere you didn’t expect. With a production so peculiarly one-of-a-kind it could only come from the minds of these two genius creators and a groove that would be at home on a Pharrell single, HA just put out to the universe that they’re on the next level and everyone had better pay attention. They released the track with the below statement:

The moment you’ve come to realization.
The moment you’ve realized you’ve wasted your time. That moment when the powers you were once gifted have parted ways from you; casted from your body, leaving you in mortality.
“Precious” is what we have to offer.
Heart emoji.

Listen to “Precious” below and read their open letter to fans on Twitter.