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It goes without saying that there is a powerful surge of quality Techno coming out of Paris at the moment. You’ve heard the applauded industrial clangs from Gesaffelstein and Brodinski, but there is another name in France that now deserves inclusion in the French Techno conversation — Alesia. While their repertoire of production isn’t limited strictly to Techno (as evident in their collaboration with DJ Snake that has rattled 2013 since its release on Mad Decent in March), Lémuel & Nicolas of Alesia have approached their debut OWSLA EP, Andrea, with a seasoned expertise that illustrates an accomplished background in production of the genre.

Similar to Gesaffelstein’s Aleph, the Andrea EP has a cinematic feel to it, opening the 5-track release with “Dies Irae,” whose eerie flickers of sound and arpeggiated synths set an epic stage for the madness to come. The title track, “Andrea,” follows next, building slowly with an unidentifiable vocal repetition before bursting head on into warehouse rave proportions, with a metallic, industrial feel that sounds as clean as it does chaotic. “Otho” comes up next, boasting a relentless padded bassline that bounces along furiously with only a limited, twinkling breakdown that allows you to come back up for air. The 4th track, dubbed “Jezabel,” provides hints of the Hip Hop influence we saw in “Bird Machine” but doesn’t come close to escaping the realm of Techno, staying up at 130BPM for an energetic anthem. The Andrea EP then culminates with the final track, “Industriae,” where, as the name would suggest, the listener is transported somewhere deep underground to an  Industrial darkness characterized by thick, rolling bassline rips and hollow vocal cuts.

The EP is available in full to stream below and on iTunes for purchase.

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