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After getting their ‘Kikstarter’ successfully funded in less than a week, the duo of ABSRDST and Diveo have finally unveiled their latest collaboration, “In Case It Crashes.” Extracted with their proprietary device, the Auditory Core, the track is the result of their innovative new technology that translates thoughts and emotions into direct seamless audio. Certainly a breakthrough in both music and technology, ABSRDST and Diveo have been generating a lot of buzz around the project in the past week, garnering the attention of both Pitchfork and Wired Magazine.

When asked about the ICIC project and its results, Max Rosenzweig (a.k.a. Diveo) said:

For me the mission is to bridge the gap between emotion and technology to help users reach their full potential, free of the mental errors and inefficiencies that hold them back. I found a lot of them in Jack’s mind, and Jack found them in mine. Making the product and the song helped us find them and help each other solve them.

The resulting track is the highly anticipated follow-up to the pair’s hit “We’re Beautiful” and shows off a more vibrant side of the two artists’ production than we’ve heard before. “In Case It Crashes” is a wonderful collision of glitchy stutters and bubbly synths racing alongside themselves in a series of intricate and exuberant interactions. The song’s core message deals with the missed connections and perils of romance in the digital world and being able to find solace and support from your friends when things go wrong.

ICIC’s co-creator and collaborator, Jack VanOudenaren (a.k.a. ABSRDST) described the experience as:

Through our explorations, Max taught me so many things. My heart and mind were crashing hard when we started. But through communication and technology he was able to extract these pieces of trauma and heartache that I had experienced and turn them into something that might heal people. This project (and Max, by extension) saved my life.

A runaway success, ICIC brings humanity back into technology to stunning results.

You can purchase “In Case It Crashes” here and follow ABSRDST on Twitter and SoundCloud and Diveo on Twitter and SoundCloud.

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