This is our story...

The concept of NEST HQ is simple really. It is a transparent vantage point into this culture that we all share and have created together. This culture doesn’t have a genre. It doesn’t have a specific name, but its origins began with a global network of like-minded people who love to share their passions for music and art. NEST HQ is a window into this culture…Our culture. It isn’t just a Skrillex-centric or OWSLA-centric site either. We really want to show and SHARE the passions we have for stuff that we like and that just makes us feel good. And that’s what life is about.

Through the overarching media platform, NEST HQ, we aim to nurture and encourage the growth of artists of all genres and all mediums, heralding their works through positive journalism, engaging, unique content, and genuine support.

In addition to providing constantly updated content on NEST HQ’s homepage, the platform is also home to an independent, free label called NEST. Working with both rising and established talent, the goal of NEST is to increase awareness for talent through direct download releases from the website while also providing visibility on major retailers and streaming services. As NEST HQ’s homepage strives to continue to be a tastemaking, forward-thinking destination for music discovery, so, too, does NEST act as a home for outstanding music sourced from our growing community of artists.

This is our story…


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