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Just when you thought you weren’t gonna be getting into any more gear, Ableton announces support for modular hardware. Connecting via a compatible interface, the update features the ability to combine your drum sequencers, analog synths, or just about any signal generator with a CV out via Live and vice-versa. The batch of plugins work through Max For Live and so far included in the pack are a pair of sync tools for Clock In / Clock Out, a CV Utility for processing multiple signals, a MIDI rhythm generator, a standard but powerful LFO, a CV Instrument based off Ableton’s already built-in instrument plug-in, a Trigger plug-in for modular drum hardware, and much more to come.

The pack comes as a collaborative project from longtime Ableton patrons Skinnerbox, and is currently in beta but you can test it out with your existing Live 10.1 software. Check out the details here.