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Down-to-earth rapper Aaron Aye has just released his first single and music video of the year, and it’s a simply irresistible hip-hop bop. We’ve grown to know what to expect from Aaron Aye’s rhymes as he’s been comfortable telling his story of his upbringing through his music. That’s exactly what we hear on “Roots,” a track with an undeniably upbeat production but some somber lyricism. Despite Aaron’s expression of his rough upbringing, “Roots” is pretty damn inspiring — his palpable positivity is infectious.

“‘Roots’ is a song about the often misunderstood road to success, finding your purpose, and becoming great,” Aaron said. “Sometimes as people we can get so focused on results that we miss what actually goes into getting those results. It’s the things you don’t see that makes it beautiful like all the hard work and sacrifices. A lot of people want to eat the fruit but sometimes no want to water the roots of what they grow on.” Watch the music video above.