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If you are at all familiar with the SoundCloud Nightcore scene, then you should probably already be familiar with French producers Aamourocean. Tracks like “u’re not alone” and “two minds” released on NITE CORP became fast fan favorites getting heavy rotation at parties like JACK.  They are also a part of an emerging French rave-revival working with collective [Re]sources and Hotel Radio Paris.

Their latest original “i find love” is a euphoric romp combining the genres of happy hardcore and rave with the sonic palette of PC Music. At the start, the listener gets strapped into a roller coaster. The cart gradually gains speed from rubber-band basslines and gears kicking into overdrive. The rider’s heart is pounding in their ears from all the adrenaline as they reach the peak. The clouds part to reveal a lush sugar-coated rainforest teeming with life and possibility. They bounce around euphorically with sensory overload. The beat finally drops carrying them out across the horizon on a wave of happy hardcore bliss.

You can download “i find love” along with remixes from Lil Mystic and Elevation below.

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