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Going from working at a shoe shop at 19 years old, the now 32-year-old English electronic producer Toddla T is capitalizing on his proficient DJ prowess with a sound entirely his own. His musical influence has been cut open at the heart, and continues to bleed into lands far beyond his own, giving rise to a genre-blending, yet niche take on English dance music. His humble beginnings and steadfast persistence illuminate his approachable character, allowing his listeners to submerge themselves in his outstanding craft with no second thought.

Toddla T’s latest single “Never Mine” featuring London’s R&B vocalist Rachel Foxx is an apparent spin on disco, house, and authentic soul. The track upholds the integrity of these respected old-school genres, while simultaneously redefining the natural ebb and flow of their cadence. Foxx’s syrupy, weighted vocals are vehemently demanding in “Never Mine.” And while her feminine delicacy is a quintessential facet in “Never Mine,” Foxx’s dense, spirited voice punctures the bouncy production like a perfect storm. While Foxx’s vocals bang with swag at the top layer of the track, Toddla fills silent spaces with a newfangled resonance that is both striking and bubbly. Yielding mostly bass, house, and bump-heavy aromas, there are moments where “Never Mine” seems to draw influence from the likes of Latin-dance patterns — you can shuffle, or you can salsa, but it never loses course.

Shimmy with the movement, find yourself in the soul, and take a look at just how fluid dance music can be.

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