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A Club Called Rhonda‘s annual Halloween bash, Drag Me To Hell, went down Wednesday night at Los Globos in Silverlake, and as promised it was a pansexual palace packed with passion, pleasure, and possibility where the message of love reigns. The party, which is just hitting its 10-year anniversary mark, has become such a cultural staple for all the most dedicated lovers of club kid culture and electronic music to dance in a truly safe space. Some combination of Rhonda’s explicit ethos and branding, their roots in the LGBT community, and the impeccable curation it’s become known for has created an alchemic pocket of culture promoting radical self-expression where people simply behave differently than they do in their day-to-day lives, and I would argue better.

The night was headlined by 2manydjs, also known as the brothers Soulwax who are Stephen and David Dewaele, who threw down two majestic hours of unmitigated disco bliss. As we walked through the venue before the show, Rhonda’s senior art director Veronica Gessa showed us all the little low-cost/high-impact details of the party’s production she put together, which included a shrine to David Bowie in the upstairs secondary room, a neon-lit TV set and VHS player with plenty of classic movies to choose from, and their obligatory dead drag queen skeleton photo corner, littered with flowers, red glitter, and a broke disco ball. Everything about the environment feels like a dare to be more yourself and more inclusive of those around you, which is exactly why out of anywhere in the world that the legends 2manydjs could be on Halloween night, they chose to be with us in a little club on the East end of Sunset Blvd.

“Rhonda is a truly unique place in this day and age where money and mediocrity are ruling clubland,” the brothers Dewaele told us after their Drag Me To Hell performance. “That Los Angeles, of all places in the world, would have one of the last parties on Earth that doesn’t focus on the DJ and a VIP room but instead on a community that gets to wave their freak flag high with a great lineup, is something we never could have predicted. It’s an absolute honour and privilege to be playing for them and that crowd at Halloween, and one that we had been looking forward to!” Having lived in LA for longer than the decade and gotten to watch Rhonda grow up, I take for granted the most unusual context in which this party operates. It’s one of those things where if you know, you know and if you don’t, you don’t, but it’s the supreme compliment knowing there’s nowhere else two of the most prolific and influential electronic music creators on the planet would rather be on Halloween night.

Rhonda co-founder and resident DJ GODDOLLARS aka Loren Granich further elaborated on the Rhonda ethos embodied in 2manydjs’ statement:

“The Dewaele Brothers have been a constant inspiration for Rhonda’s musical direction since before her inception. Like us they treat dance music as a vibrant nebula ripe for exploration where there might be a buried white dwarf of underground high heat behind every shroud of dust cloud. Our ideal of an evening is to provide a freeform platform for the young and relentless to move wildly to the well-guided whims of audio auteurs pushing the boundaries of what might make magic under the blessed disco ball. Their breadth of nightlife knowledge of every permutation of dancefloor sounds mixed with their technical prowess on the decks topped off with a sublime sartorial modicum of decorum (shining bright in white suits amidst a sea of deep v-neck fake deep house DJs) makes them the epitome of the Rhonda INTL full mood and we love them deeply for it.”

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