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“I now ask you, please stop judging me / I got myself out this singlehandedly / And we do what we do because we don’t understand the consequence.”

Previously featured on NHQ’s Mid Year Report, 070 Shake is a name acquainted with poetic rap-slams and a newfound hip-hop energy. She’s the latest artist to appear on the masterfully curated music channel A COLORS SHOW, performing “I Laugh When I’m With Friends But I’m Sad When I’m Alone,” the opener from her Glitter EP that was released back in March on Kanye West‘s GOOD Music.

As with all their performances, A COLORS SHOW has paired 070 Shake with a hue of color. Violet lies at the end of the visible light spectrum, right next to invisible ultraviolet light; maybe that’s why Shake was paired with such a strong, but delicate shade. She jumps into “I Laugh When I’m With Friends But I’m Sad When I’m Alone” with her deep voice crackling in darkness, yet her rhythmic sorrow soon becomes hope as she breaks right around the 2-minute mark into a sunrise-focused croon.

070 Shake belts her true range as she turns her experiences into wise lyricism; you can watch the video above.  Plus, check out her most recent single “Accusations” below.