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If any of y’all are familiar with The Glitch Mob’s punchy, rad tune, “Fly By Night Only,” no doubt you could ever forget the strikingly gorgeous vocals of Yaarrohs. Thankfully, it looks like the LA-via-New York songstress is back in action, but this time she’s releasing a full solo EP on the Mob’s very own Glass Air Records. Flesh & Blood will consist of six tracks, with the infectious slow-burner, “Amber,” revealed first. The magical dreamscape crafted by the smooth bassline and Yaarroh’s sweet, siren-like vocals are enough to reach an inescapable, pinnacle of emotion. Make sure you have somewhere soft to land because “Amber” will sweep you off your feet and leave you breathless.

Listen below, download for free here, and pre-order the rest of the EP over at iTunes, out November 11th.

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