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Monstercat signee, WRLD, released his latest single with his home label last week, showing off yet again the 18-year-old producer’s knack for melody-driven electronic with clear video game influence. To coincide with the release, we had a quick Q&A with the talented young musician from the Netherlands, touching on his inspirations for starting the WRLD project to the meaning behind the deep, vocoded lyrics in “Fighter”.

Listen in to the single out now on Monstercat, and read on for the Q&A below.


Tell us about your musical background and how the WRLD project started.

Honestly there’s no real musical background.

I randomly started producing after seeing a video of some person who made a song out of Windows 98 and XP sounds:  I was like 11 years old back then, haha. It turned out to be so much fun that I couldn’t stop doing it. The main genre I focused on was progressive house, I think I have about 300 to 400 of those on my old computer.

In 2014 I got into a Facebook group through my friend and Wave Racer and Cosmo’s Midnight were in there as well. That way I got into the genre that people call ‘Future Bass’. A lot of people were telling me my future bass was way better than my progressive house, so I decided to change my alias and start over as WRLD.

What kind of music/bands did you grow up listening to?

In the Netherlands there used to be this super cheesy pop group called Ch!pz, their demographic was basically 6 to 12 year olds so I guess I can’t say I really ‘grew up listening to them’. My parents didn’t really have any specific music on all the time either, so I basically grew up listening to top 40 radio.

Because of top 40 radio though, I heard the song ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City, who became my #1 favorite artist shortly after hearing that song. Still now he’s my favorite. I guess you could say Owl City was my biggest influence growing up, even though I’ve only been listening to him since 2009.

Can you explain the vocals in your new song? Who is the “fighter” you’re referring to?

Sure! The theme of the song is sort of this fictional, anime inspired theme. For some reason I am very fascinated by mechs, which are these big fighting-robot-suits that have a pilot in them. The idea was to write the lyrics as if it was one of those pilots singing the song. It’s about finding your strength and not being brought down by those who don’t believe in that.

Are there plans to tour WRLD in 2016?

Definitely, we’re talking to a few different parties at the moment and we’re doing our best to bring the WRLD live experience to as many places as we can next year!


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