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The young Ethan Snoreck, widely known as Wheathin, steps forward with another spectacular remix, this time flipping Opia‘s “Falling” from a downtempo indie-ballad into a funkified future fiasco. Wheathin impresses with electrifying synths, retro funk leads, and vocal manipulations that create an in-your-face energy unique to Ethan. The slow, melancholic singing over upbeat melodies and rhythm make for an exciting contrast.

His remixes are all passing a million plays and this one promises the same. The Chicago teenager already has the practiced ear for melody that you’d expect from a seasoned veteran, and the untamed creativity you’d pair with a child (I’m thinking Tommy Pickles from Rugrats). This combination of talent and youth draws only one worthy comparison and that’s to Louis The Child.

Grab the free download here, and find more of Wheathin on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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