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Longtime champions of the broken beat sound, Mark Yardley and Dominic Butler of UK duo Stanton Warriors have remained at the forefront of electronic music since the late 1990s. Late in 2015, the guys released their second studio full length, Rebel Bass, showing off an unwavering approach to their consistently relevant sound which pulled influence from genres like electro, deep house, and garage while feeling wholly genuine and sincere. Most recently, Stanton Warriors linked up with us here at NEST for the release of “Keep It Movin’” and Mad Decent’s Good Enuff on “Bounce”, rewarding both longtime and recent supporters with free music.

With a recent play at Coachella and a stuffed summer schedule of festival shows, we wanted to catch up with the globetrotting duo about their current tour, Glastonbury, their thoughts on giving music away for free, and more. Listen in to their hour-long guest mix and read on for the full interview below!


Thanks for taking some time with us guys. How’s the Australian tour going so far?

Australia has been amazing so far. We have always loved playing here and have been doing the long as flight once or twice a year since 2001! The weather has been pretty bad but that hasn’t dampened the crowds’ enthusiasm! We are currently now in Wellington, New Zealand which is also a beautiful place and the sun here is definitely shining!

Festival season is getting into full swing. Are there any specific spots you’re looking forward to this summer?

Looking forward to Glastonbury Festival, we have like 5 gigs there including playing again on the epic arcadia spectacular spider thing! Might hit up Burning Man again this year also. It’s great to be burning through summer at so many festivals doing at least 2 a week. We seem to tour nonstop which is fun. It’s great that the sound we play is truly international. As James Brown once said, “A good beat is a good beat!”

Where do you guys dig to find most of your music these days?

A lot of digging! The tracks that make it into our sets come from such a wide range of sources from labels like dirtybird through to Black Butter. It’s a great time for broken beats and bass music. There is a lot of cookie cutter type music out there at the mo’ so finding and playing tunes like these loud keeps us engaged. We also have our label Punks Music where we try and sign and support a lot of these tracks.

It seems like y’all have been on the free music tip recently, linking up with us for “Keep It Movin'” on NEST and more recently Good Enuff for your Cause & Affect collab. Do you think it’s important to reward fans with free music these days? And do you plan on continuing to link with free release imprints in the future?

We have built up a strong, loyal following on social media and through our gigs so it’s great to put out the odd tune for free for them. Plus it’s a good way of pulling new people into our music because as artists we think it’s important to have your own sound & to be able to showcase that to as many people as possible. There are too many DJs playing the same tunes as everyone else which to us gets a lil boring.

Finally, tell us about the vibe of the mix you put together here for us. Any direction in particular you tried to take this one?

On this mix we went for a lot of unreleased broken beat type tunes from a wide variety of interesting and new producers on the block. This would be the kind of set we would drop at a warehouse party as opposed to a straight up festival. We are always keen on hearing new sounds from the Brazilian favela sound of Bombo Rosa to the Bristol street sound of Bromley & Sly One through to the German bass of Marten Horger and deep slowed down jungle vibes of Nixon. It’s a great time for exciting beats and bass which don’t conform to the 4/4 template!

01. Bromley – Burn Down (feat. Grove & Dread MC)
02. Distro – The Drum (feat. Dread MC)
03. Sly One – Dominate
04. Bombo Rosa – Make It Bang
05. Smalltown DJs – My People (Marten Hørger Remix)
06. Marten Hørger & Donkong – Feel
07. Mafia Kiss – Close The Door
08. Redlight – Ride or Die
09. Moniker – Legs Spread Wide (Head Down Low)
10. Marc Spence & Pete Graham – Repeat & Delete
11. Stanton Warriors – Hoping (Jay Robinson Remix)
12. Lucent Reach Out To You (Skelecta Remix)
13. Outlord – Down The House
14. Aloka – Typo
15. Nixon – God Choir


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