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Following a huge year in 2016, Snails is taking on a new challenge this October as he puts on the inaugural SLUGGTOPIA at Red Rocks in Colorado alongside fellow bass purveyors NGHTMRE and JOYRYDE. The fall festival is set to fully embody the world that Snails has imagined and built for his fans — endearing known as the VOMITSQUAD — and promises to be “another level of bass and filth” at one of North America’s most iconic venues.

After the announcement last month, we caught up with the vomitstep pathfinder and asked him some questions about his plans for the festival. Read on for the Q&A below and pick up your tickets to SLUGGTOPIA here.


Fred! thanks for taking some time brotha. How does it feel to be putting on your OWN festival this year?

It feels surreal! I’ve had the pleasure of playing some great festivals like Coachella, Ultra and Lollapalooza, but I’m super excited to have my own. Putting on my own festival is a lot of work, but I wanted to put together something extra special for my fans, so all the work going into it will pay off for them. There will be a full lineup of some of my favorites artists and we’re getting a full production going behind it. It won’t just be a simple show with some openers and a headliner. We’re going to try and build our own little world of vomit!

You have NGHTMRE and JOYRYDE to play alongside you. Why did you choose these guys for Sluggtopia? Any other acts that you’re looking to have play?

NGHTMRE and JOYRYDE are crazy good. I love each of them and all the songs they have put out. For Sluggtopia I wanted to have a lineup that would blow people’s minds, so the first people I thought to have were these two. They know how to put on great show! As for other people on the lineup, we do have others we’re looking to have play, but can’t give any details yet ;)


You’re no stranger to Red Rocks. What makes this venue so special and why did you pick it for this event?

Red Rocks is unlike any other venue I’ve played at. There’s something special about Red Rocks that I can’t even explain. The venue itself is just beautiful in the mountains, but there’s something about the atmosphere that makes it an awesome place to party. Only good vibes there! Not only that, but the Colorado family has always been close to my heart, so it’s the perfect place for the inaugural Sluggtopia.

Sluggtopia is nearly a year away. What’s coming up before then that you could speak on?

Well I’ve been off for a few weeks since I’ve been touring almost non-stop since Summer of 2014. I’ve been working on tons of new music in the studio and getting ready to go back on the road for more shows and festivals like Tomorrowland, Middlelands, Okeechobee, Bonnaroo and more. I’ll be hitting up Europe, Asia and Australia this year too! I have a lot of things coming that I can’t announce just yet, but I promise lots of good things are coming. One thing I am very excited for that I can mention are these remixes of my collaboration with Pegboard Nerds!

Tell us about your song in the M. Night Shyamalan movie!

Oh man! “Frogbass” is one of my weirdest but favorites. I dropped that song over a year ago on Kannibalen Records and fans still want me to play it. When we first heard it was going in the movie, I couldn’t believe it. Then I saw the clip in the film and it was just perfect. Who would have known Hollywood loved vomitstep!?

Finally, give us a picture/drawing/meme/etc to describe how Sluggtopia is going to be.

sluggtopia snails


Tickets to SLUGGTOPIA can be purchased here via AXS.

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