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Kapsize Records boss, Joker, changed the game in 2010 with what many consider to be one of the biggest dubstep tunes of all time. “Tron” brought it all together — huge bass, screeching synthesizers, explosive snares. It was and still is a quintessential record from that magical era of bass music, and today, fellow UK producer and Kapsize Records family member, Sh?m, pays respects to Joker’s “Tron” with a ferocious remix and a clever video game to accompany it.

Try your hand at the Mob Boss game below to download Sh?m’s remix of “Tron” for free, and read on for a Q&A with Sh?m about how the remix and game came together.

Game designed by Luis Wendt & Camila Ludwig
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Tell us about your intentions with remixing such a legendary tune. Did you feel any added pressure whole reworking this one is particular?

Not at all. “Tron” is one of my favourite tunes of all time so I thought it was only right for me to remix it.

What were you doing in 2010 when “Tron” came out?

Honestly? I can’t even remember. All I know is that when I first heard “Tron” I thought it was a game changer.

You’ve signed your latest EP, Mob Boss to Joker’s Kapsize, any plans to stick with the label for your upcoming releases?

Yeah of course! I’ve already got a lot of music in the works.

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How did this idea for the game come together?

We wanted to do something a little different and I thought that giving the remix a normal release wouldn’t do it enough justice. And after a heap of discussion, we came up with the idea to have a game in which I was the main character collecting dubs!

The soundtrack for the game is wild, have you messed around with 8-bit a bunch in the past?

Errm not quite but that’s only because I’ve been concentrating on making proper tunes. It was fun making the 8 bit version of the remix, I wanted it to seem as if people where playing the game on a retro console. Maybe I’ll mess around with 8 bit style stuff again soon.

Whats up next for you this summer?

Well, since the beginning of summer, Conducta and I have been working on some ideas. I’ve also been working with a few Grime MCs too. But other than that and working on more solo stuff, I’ll be doing shows all over!


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