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Where to begin with Niagara Falls native, REZZ – at only 21 years old, she has a greater discography than a number of artists twice her own age. The rise of her career has been a bit of a fairytale story: she sees Deadmau5 at Hard Day of the Day in 2013 as a fan, decides she wants to learn how to produce, and teaches herself well enough to attract the attention of Deadmau5 and Skrillex to secure releases on mau5trap and NEST, respectively. But that’s where the fairytale ends, because her music is what lurks in the darkest hour.

Still fresh off the early January release of her debut mau5trap EP, The Silence is Deafening, REZZ shared on Friday the highly anticipated follow-up, Something Wrong Here. The 6-track EP was composed between a hectic tour schedule following the launch of her debut headlining tour, Rezzurection, earlier this spring. Now back at it again, she’ll embark in a few days on the collaborative Lunatic Tour with Malaa. The girl never seems to take a break, and that is precisely why she is so talented.

The opening track of the EP, “Purple Gusher”, builds this inviting and danceable groove, progressively bringing in eerie choir voices to the mixdown before dropping you into arguably some of the best sound design of the whole release. “Selector” is the dubstep track I’ve been patiently waiting for REZZ to release, ever since the first time I heard her play it out live. It’s a simple wobble, but it carries this incredible energy as you watch those LFO’s glide back and forth in your head. Moving forward into the sole vocal offering of the release, REZZ pairs up with Laura Brehm to present, “Melancholy“, a haunting tune with gorgeous strings driven by a wicked arpeggiator.

This state of beauty carries over into “Cryptic”, but the drum work of the track becomes wildly complex and unpredictable, almost throwing the listener into a state of panic. The sound design is spectacular, with higher-pitched, growly oscillators matched with deep, raspy bass to create a dense wall of sound. “Voice in the Wall” continues to enhance this frightening state – I imagine this is what losing your mind might feel like. Something Wrong Here concludes with “Paranoid”. Opening with deep wobbles and outer space FX, the track completely throws you off the edge into the abyss. Oddly enough, the lead synth resembles a heart monitor beeping only to flatline before the track’s conclusion.

If The Silence is Deafening was REZZ’s introduction to this heavy-hitting, slow-paced 100 BPM techno framework meets core dubstep elements, then Something Wrong Here is where she defines all the rules so she can break them. Her characteristic basslines remain present, but the drum work is much more chaotic, and she’s tucked away melodies in every little corner. Something Wrong Here is REZZ’s best release to date, without question, and she is quickly defining herself as one of the best up-and-coming producers of this generation.

Stream Something Wrong Here in its entirety below, and grab the release in full via iTunes. Find more of REZZ on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Words: Cassie Sheets