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There are two kinds of people in this world: those that love weird, ambient experimental music and everyone else. Youngbloods, a label built and curated toward the former, has been pushing the avant-garde sound style since “the year 1000”; sounds seemingly built by hyper-intelligent cavemen or hermits. Their latest release, from Tom Terrien, offers a bit more of a jazz-oriented feel, structured in a free yet appetible manner.

Tom Terrien is a French composer, producer, and band leader who has been in the music making game for around 20 years. His signature experimental sound is marked by a fusion of jazz, electronic, and classical elements, opting for more contemporary and free-flowing compositions. Be Glad, his latest album, is his 2016 love affair with Youngbloods, representative of a partnership compelled by “classically-trained musicians that are consumed by the possibilities of electronic manipulation.” You can hear the experience and adventure; you can feel the hard work and experimentation.

Give the album’s lead single, “Drowned in a Bip”, a listen. While only two tracks are currently available, imagine “Bip” as the sneak preview of the intro scene to Terrien’s boldest work yet.

Pre-order Be Glad on cassette and digital download via Bandcamp or download via iTunes now. Find more of Tom Terrien and Youngbloods on SoundCloud.