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Sister City is a techno driven production trio as well as a newly launched imprint fronted by Dean Grenier. Following their spring loaded and pitch-black-drenched 909 Homicide EP debut for Boysnoize Records’ BNR Trax, the crew deliver the first in a series of hour long mixes featuring tracks from their releases on BNR Trax, Omnidisc, and Bromance, andĀ a few unreleased gems.Take a journey through the cold depths, industrial clatter, and soulful grooves of Sister City’s first mix below, and keep up with Sister City on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Sister City Mix 001 TracklistĀ 
Sister City – Triad
Sister City – Figure Ground
Dean Grenier – Rangeform – Omnidisc
Sister City – Gunsmoke – BNR Trax
Dean Grenier & Hej Fund – Sheffer Stroke – Sister City Limited
Sister City – Turn Out
Dean Grenier & Sergio Levels – Hard Water – Sister City Limited
Sister City – 11:03
Sister City – Black Lit – BNR Trax
Dean Grenier – Rotorvator – Omnidisc
Sister City – Suprematizm – Sister City Limited
Sister City – 909 Homicide – BNR Trax
Sister City – Blood Mind – Bromance

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