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Ramzoid, born Julien Lopes, is a name you’ve seen quite often on NEST HQ, and for good reason. The young Prince Edward Island native is as promising as he is talented, as both a solo act and the co-founder of Soda Island. His sound is wholly unique and offers a breath of fresh air to the sometimes stale sounds of electronic music.

Ramzoid’s latest effort is a remix for longtime PEI friends, indie rock band Paper Lions. “I’ve known about Paper Lions pretty much my whole life,” Julien recounts. “David, the band’s drummer, was actually my first drum teacher when I started learning the drums at like 8 years old haha, so it was a really cool feeling getting to do a remix for them!” The natural progression of a relationship such as this puts a bit of pressure to succeed, but you can’t hear any struggle in the remix.

The original’s intro feels a lot like ’80s synth pop with a cooing indie foundation. As we progress, the song explodes into an exciting anthem of love; something you’d expect to hear from a day out at a camping festival or a rooftop party in the heart of Brooklyn. Ramzoid repurposed the energy with his signature saw-toothed synths and rounded kicks. Without taking too many liberties on creating something wholly different, he brought exactly what Paper Lions initially offered while successfully leaving his lasting mark. “Working with Ramzoid on this remix was a real joy,” the band wrote. “We all love the sounds he chose, and the direction he took the track.”

Give the remix a listen below and grab the free download here. Find more of Ramzoid and Paper Lions on SoundCloud.

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