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Natural, inspired collaboration is the best kind of collaboration. While many artists are forced and force themselves to schedule studio time with pre-arranged co-producers and top liners (as is the inherent workings of the music industry), it’s often the random late nights and subjects of happenstance that end up generating the best material. Such is the case with the latest musical offering from The Glitch Mob’s OOAH and Brooklyn beatsmith, M!NT, who found themselves in a wholly organic creative session not long ago that resulted in a track falling just outside both of their usual wheelhouses titled “If The Smoke Clears”.

Pairing hazy house atmospherics with a head-nodding, broken beat rhythm and tubular bassline, “If The Smoke Clears” is dark yet dancey, deep yet accessible. The guys explain how it came together —

“If The Smoke Clears” was a collaboration between us that was unplanned and in the moment. We didn’t over think it or over cook it, randomly we started messing around in the studio and next thing we knew we had put together this song. This moody yet dancey break beat type of song we thought would be a good addition to your late night summer feels. Inspired by the sampling techniques of a hip hop producer and the movement of house music, this is what came from the minds of OOAH and M!NT.

Listen in below and download for free direct here.

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