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Josh Jacobson hits some Justin Timberlake-meets-The Weeknd levels on the first release off his First Light EP, “Polaroids.” The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has a voice that can only be described as future soul, fusing elements of R&B, dance, indie-pop, and jazz into a song that sounds nostalgic even though you’ve never heard it before. Perhaps it’s because it’s about faded memories, or maybe it’s because Josh’s sound is so lush it seems like something you should have already heard of. He’s one of those artists getting millions of streams without having hit everyone’s radar yet, happy to report his first blip of new music in 2017 is extremely promising.


Josh told NEST HQ, “‘Polaroids’ is a song about memories that fade into the distance, leaving behind colors and a sense of nostalgia for our most fleeting moments. I wrote this song about learning to be on my own and finding happiness in this world, even through the experiences sometimes leave me feeling empty and searching for meaning. There is some form of joy and inspiration to be found every day if we are present enough to experience it.” There’s certainly plenty of joy and inspiration to be found in this song, out today via Ostereo, and on the rest of the First Light EP due out later this year – looking forward to it.