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Jesse Somfay is a producer out of Canada specializing in the experimental and somewhat ambient realms of minimal techno. Between music he releases under both his given name and his alternative alias, Borealis, Somfay’s capacity for constructing rich textures and powerful soundscapes all while keeping the groove is striking to say the least, and today, we hear the inventive musician’s first original production under his own name in two years with the aural journey that is “Joy Gem”.

At nine minutes long, “Joy Gem” is not exactly what you’d call easy listening, but then again that’s just not what Jesse Somfay is about. According to Jesse, “Music is high bandwidth communication.” It’s a way to tell a story, to stir or source emotion at a higher level, and “Joy Gem” does just that. Moody, uplifting atmospherics shake hands with dark, grumbles and a commanding bassline, and Somfay leaves a perfect amount of space between it all to feel comfortable and neatly arranged. “Joy Gem” is fully cerebral and, if you’re into experimental techno, will speak to you in a way that a lot of music today just can’t.

Download Jesse Somfay’s “Joy Gem” for free today via Los Angeles imprint, Tipping Hand, and make sure to check out the rest of Jesse’s music from both projects on Soundcloud.

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