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Dark rhythm syncopations and acidic pulsations of mind-altering bass are the main ingredients in Cardopusher’s brand new “Negative Fanclub”. The Barcelona-based producer teamed up with his Classicworks imprint cofounder Nehuen for their upcoming Split 03 EP, out June 15th.

Starting off with several shadowed drum layers and piercing percussive elements, you’re immediately thrown into the track’s control, becoming increasingly more content with succumbing to its intoxicating effect. At a steady yet enchanting 112 bpm, darkened drums and airy synths weave in and out of sensual clarity and frequencies. Cardopusher finds a perfect balance between the constriction of the synth arpeggios and the claustrophobic rhythms — just enough to leave you feeling all the right kinds of mindfucked. Gain some insight and read up on Cardopusher’s creative processes and inspirations with our interview below:

Can you tell us a little about Classicworks, this release and the Split EP series you collaborate on with Nehuen?

Classicworks is the record label me and Nehuen launched in 2012, mainly for our own output but also open for collaborators and friends. We are not aiming to showcase any specific music genre, we just want to put out stuff we feel and like. So far we have released everything from house, techno, electro, rave to more experimental and less club oriented stuff. Our next release is a Cardopusher/Nehuen split EP, specifically the third in the series. It contains 4 tracks (2 each) ranging from warehouse acid techno to more industrial/ebm. It definitely shows a bit our current taste in music right now.

What’s your creative process like when you and Nehuen start working on a track together? What about when you’re looking to sign new artists or release new music on your label?

For the split series we have worked our tracks separately, each of us having total control of it but when we work together we usually get into the studio and start checking sketches of stuff we both have been doing recently but didn´t get the chance to develop because we got stuck on it. Nehuen got tons of unfinished stuff or little  crazy bits floating around his computer and I’m like, “what you doing with this stuff? can i get these audio files so i can try some ideas?” and I take them to my studio for a bit to jam until it becomes something new.

If it sounds nice to us we then go into the studio and create a completely new track from it. Other times we just jam until we create something from zero but it had worked better the other way, specially when we got busy schedules and we don´t have time to be in the studio at the same time.

Regarding signing new artists or releasing new music on the label there is no specific thing we are looking for, we normally have similar tastes and if we both agree with the music and it´s related to what we doing or liking we just put it out.

Describe your music in 3 words:

Basement Rave Euphoria

What are a few of your favorite records & producers right now?

DJ Sotofett – Drippin For A Tripp (Honest Jon´s)
Geena – Pure Ground Research (Antinote)
I.B.M – Eat My Fuck (Mathematics)
Faster Action – Rush Hour Store Jams (Rush Hour)
Universal Indicator – Green (Rephlex)

Gene Hunt
DJ Sotofett
Head Front Panel

What else do you have in store for 2015?

This year has been very active for me, so far we did a CWS 12″ for End of Dayz a few months back, got a track included on the annual BNR Miami Noize compilation, a Cardopusher 12″ for THEM Records in the UK a few weeks ago and on mid june we got this Cardopusher/Nehuen Split 03 EP on Classicworks. After the summer i got a 12″ EP on Luca Lozano´s Zodiac44 label and my next LP for BNR which im very excited about it. Also got lined up few remixes and tracks for compilations plus finishing a good amount of new music for other EPs im working on, definitely a very busy year.

Check the Nest HQ premiere of Cardopusher‘s “Negative Fanclub” below.

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