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When you think of Ibiza in a musical sense, turn-up DJs and all-hours clubs and parties are probably the first things that come to mind. Minimalist electronica producer Vallès is taking things in a different direction, however. His music is inspired by his surroundings, soul/jazz, and – more specifically for his latest release “Sorrow” – “the late 19th century impressionism movement.” You can hear all of it: the hustle and bustle of Ibiza, the colorful naturesque landscapes of impressionism, and the slow, feel-good drawl of jazz and soul music.

Vallès has enlisted fellow soulful hip-hop and jazz producer Freddie Joachim to remix “Sorrow”. While the original is slow and steady easy-listening for lazy Sundays, Joachim takes it straight to the bedroom and adds more of a soulful touch. Like Flamingosis or Thievery Corporation, he relies on reverb and Fall-time New York orchestral interludes to drive the point home.

Recline in your chair as you drift away with Vallès and Freddie Joachim. The full release will be available February 5th via Thomorrow, so keep your ears to the ground and head in the clouds.

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