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Dev79 & Starkey’s Philadelphia-based imprint, Seclusiasis, has built its identity for years as a progressive force in bass-laden electronic music, and LA-based producer, Bass Science, has been along for that ride since linking up with the label in 2012. Next week, Bass Science aka Matt B will release his self-titled EP through Seclusiasis, promising a lush and dexterous body of work combining facets of footwork, bass, R&B, and club.

“Getting Down”, the lead track from the EP, starts the release off strong with a complex 160BPM rhythm backed by tender piano chords and R&B-inspired vocal chops. Footwork at its core, the fast-paced record manages to push forward with force while continually maintaining a pleasant subtleness. Check it out ahead of its release next week below, and check out more of the EP in coming weeks through both the Bass Science and Seclusiasis Soundclouds.

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