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Following the release of TT the Artist‘s acclaimed Art Royalty record exactly one year ago, the Baltimore boss lady has linked up with boutique East Coast imprint, Space Is The Place, for a staggering 15-track remix LP titled Art Royalty Abstract. Due out this Friday, Art Royalty Abstract gave remixers all over the world a chance to play around with TT the Artist’s sought after vocals; one of whom was Los Angeles-based Ana Sia whose club-ready rework of “Lavish” pays a nice homage to TT’s Bmore roots while showing off some West Coast influence. Here’s what each of the ladies had to say about it —

‘Lavish’ is one of those tracks that has high energy and raw delivery. It’s one of my favorite songs on the project. Ana Sia’s remix takes the track to new levels with her club infused drum patterns and in-your-face vocal chops. – TT the Artist

Being asked to remix a hero is a real honor and so super fun to take on. TT is the truth! I’m a big fan of playing with different tempos and feels within a track so that’s what resulted here: a slightly more club-friendly construction, reinforced by her uninhibited vocals. – Ana Sia

Listen in to Ana Sia’s “Lavish” remix, pick it up via Space Is The Place on February 19th, and see below for the full tracklist for Art Royalty Abstract.

Art Royalty Abstract
1. Let Me See Ya (333 Boyz Remix)
2. Pussy Ate (Astrolith Remix)
3. Pum Pum (Vjuan Allure’s Elite Touch Remix)
4. Giddy Up (Tony Quattro Remix)
5. Lavish (Ana Sia Remix)
6. Thug It Out (Big Dope P Remix)
7. Imma Shake (Schwarz Remix)
8. Let Me See Ya (Jeremiah Meece 105-130 Tool)
9. Pussy Ate (DJ Juwan Remix)
10. Lavish (Ben Aqua Remix)
11. Thug It Out (Sha Sha Kimbo Remix)
12. Giddy Up (Alfie Casanova Remix)
13. Freaky Life (T_A_M Remix)
14. Pum Pum (Jabo Remix)
15. Fly Girls (Normaling Remix)

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