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Airy aka AirynOre is a San Francisco-based producer who’s becoming known for blending rave, VGM and club music into expansive, melodic dance atmospheres. In a little over a year he’s played URL venue SPF420, he’s become a regular staple of its sister venue, Ecchi Party, he’s been featured on one of the best radio shows in the world, Radio JACK, and he’s developed a solid catalog of originals, remixes and bootlegs (including reworks of Hannah Diamond, et aliae, Guy Akimoto, Diveo and more).

Today we’re stoked to be premiering his new single, “Hang On”, a vivid club track that’ll make you feel like you’re soaring above icy landscapes on the back of a giant eagle with all your homies. Listen below, grab the free download, and show AirynOre some love with a follow on Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook.

“Hang On” artwork by tdoyle

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