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When it comes to individuality through sound, there isn’t many people who could find themselves on the same pedestal as rising-producer Aiobahn.

For those of you who may have been living under a rock for the last year, Aiobahn hit our feeds about a year ago with the release of “Bedside Ghost” through net-label Maltine Records. From there, we’ve seen a wide array of experimentation in his sounds, and though they may not have all been ‘new,’ they played a formative role in crafting the identity of Aiobahn’s current artistic ability. Subsequently, his latest works offer a lush mix of eclectic Japanese sounds alongside gorgeous vocals that hook listeners from the very start.

This is where Aiobahn’s talents truly shine through, especially with his latest track “Towa no Utage”, which stands to mark the announcement of his debut EP through Maltine Records. Teaming up with powerhouse vocalist/producer YUC’e, we’re thrown into unexplored territory which would likely find its place as a soundtrack to ones adventure through the bustling streets of Seoul rather than through the speakers of a club.

Aiobahn’s debut EP, titled Märchen, will be available through Maltine Records sometime in the coming months. If you’re interested in checking out some of his other sounds, he’s on both SoundCloud and Twitter. Respectively, rising talent YUC’e can also be found on both SoundCloud and Twitter.

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