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The music videos and short films of modern day electronic music tend to stray towards frilly artistic or disjointed utopian themes. It takes clear direction, an inspiring song, and a talented director to craft a full and meaningful film. Point Point, the Parisian trio comprised of AAZAR, Nömak, and dvtgd, saw an opportunity to adapt their tune “Life In Grey” into an engaging cinematic masterpiece and took it. They recruited writer and director Jodeb, whose catalogue features videos for Porter Robinson, Zedd, and Imagine Dragons, to bring his unique take on life to the big screen. For him, short films are a work of personal art.

I just need music with a soul, whatever it is. In the special case of Point Point, their music and overall attitude is a lot closer to mine and to what I listen with my heart, so I think it made this specific project more special than others and probably more personal.

“Life In Grey” is Point Point’s very first track and, as such, holds special meaning to them. “It marks the beginning of our adventure as a music group. Within everything we have made since then, everything we are now making and everything we will make in the future, the soul of this track will remain in our music.” Finding an appropriate visual was incredibly crucial as well. “The image must be the logical result of the music and this point is very important for us. They must be complementary: image fitting to music and music fitting to image. Was the music made for the clip or the clip made for the music? If [not], then the clip will not be used.”

Colors sequence 03 A (0-00-05-14)

The film begins with an ominous scene of foreshadowing as the main character works by moonlight in an unlit garage, sharping some sort of knife; sparks fly as the song’s intro builds. We then find ourselves in a draped barre studio as the main character sets up a camera and tidies the room together. A group of dancers enter the room and begin warming up. Everything seems jovial from that point forward…or does it?

“I like to think that this video is about the Y generation and how this generation has been told repeatedly by their parents how special of a person they are,” Jodeb admits. “I wanted to create a ridiculous, sadly desperate and manipulative character that would push this obsession to the limits, which is using death as an art performance in order to ultimately be respected in the eyes of others.”

On the temperament of the concept, Point Point agrees, “‘Life In Grey’ can evoke several feelings – enjoyment, melancholy, nostalgia etc.. and this is what we immediately liked in Jodeb’s idea, this duality of feelings and emotions the spectator [is] so quickly faced [with] within such a short period.” For both the band and Jodeb, the film stays true to intention from start to finish.

A tale of hedonism, one might say. Or maybe just careless millennial attitudes. For the majority of the remaining film, we watch through the fourth wall into a world of jaunty girls living a pseudo-utopian life. Lake trips and drug trips, passing out on the couch, dancing jovially and all for seemingly no reason in particular. When you’re told life is amazing and you can do no wrong, you tend to cast aside many of the problems that burden the rest of the world, possibly to a fault. In the case of these girls, their laissez faire behavior would ultimately lead to their demise.

As we come to learn, the characters fall victim to a bloody allegorical finalé. Perhaps this is a testament to Jodeb’s influence from “the great dark movies of the 90s, Miyazaki films, and some very immersive video games like Myst and Riven.” Either way, the harmonious relationship between song and film is the result of two incredible forces working and crafting a concept together, and would not have come to fruition if not for the efforts and ideas of everyone involved.

For the rest of 2016, Point Point will be working on new original productions, collaborations, and a US tour. Go to the film’s landing page for more. Listen to Point Point on SoundCloud and find more of Jodeb online.