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  • The laid-back, swung, almost lethargic, funk-inspired approach to house music arguably pioneered by the likes of Kaytranada and Flume has been growing rapidly in popularity over the last year. As you might expect, it has been imitated a great many… Read More

  • There’s not much to know about Kadington other than their music is top notch. A bare Facebook page and Twitter account suggest that Kadington is letting the music speak for itself, and boy is it speaking volumes. Everything about “Town… Read More

  • Melbourne’s Fresh Hex is a lil bit A. G. Cook and Sophie, a lil bit Unicorn Kid and Doss, a lil bit rave and club — a lil bit of everything. Over the last year he’s released a solid collection… Read More

  • Vancouver-based producer, Sean Wharton a.k.a. On Planets, has let out a beast of a remix. The only track on his Soundcloud, his take on Gallant’s wildly popular “Weight in Gold” delivers some ethereal, groovy vibes. Wharton slowly builds the tension… Read More