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The modern day love song has taken on many different forms. From downtempo R&B to Dawn Golden style electronica, our hearts long for soundtracks to the dopaminergic pain and pleasure we feel within. Kirkkonummi’s underground source for passionate, emotional ballads is olli, 15-year-old producer with little more than a ukulele, Logic, and a desire to share his feelings through music.

I just kinda wanna share what I’m feeling. The fact that other people also feel things because of it really means a lot to me. I accidentally found There Is Love In You by Four Tet when I was like 7 or 8 years old. That’s a pretty big inspiration to me. I guess what I want to do with my music is just make music in the moment. [Artist] Kazami Suzuki is a really huge inspiration to me.

His music, aptly titled, represents the various stages over the course of his experiences with love and loss. My favorite thus far is “worthless”, recognized by olli as his lowest point. The song takes multiple turns, from a haunting intro to a heavy yet ambient body, until reaching its pinnacle with guitar elements likened to those of Ratatat. Overall, “worthless” does quite the opposite—it shows us how much talent and value olli has in this world as both an artist and human being.

Find more and fall in love with olli on SoundCloud and Twitter. You can find his full discography on Bandcamp.

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