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Ten tunes. One link. Zero dollars. Here’s the 83rd volume of our ongoing weekly free download series, nest10.

If you’re a producer or remixer and would like to have your track considered for the next nest10, send your private SoundCloud streams to submissions @ with the subject “nest10” and we’ll check it out! If you’d like to download past weeks’ volumes, you can find them here.

Find our selections for this week below, and check in with us next Thursday for VOL 84.

nest10 // VOL 83 Tracklist

PLS&TY – Run Wild [self-released]
Anthemic, inspirational, driving. PLS&TY’s “Run Wild” is a musical call to action for the world to step outside and embark on an unplanned adventure. – NB

Gunslinger – Journeyman [self-released]
Mysterious and cryptic, the Gunslinger is a man of enigmatic wonder traversing the sands of rock-infused electronic music. His latest, “Journeyman,” is a wild ride. Walk alongside the Gunslinger as he takes the world by the reigns. – NB

Lido – Not Enough ft. THEY [self-released]
They say music moves in 20 year cycles… Can someone remind me what was happening in 1998 again? – D

Analogue Dear – Stories We Tell Ourselves [bitbird]
Bitbird continues to release some of the most interesting records in Dance Music. “Stories We Tell Ourselves” is an ever changing sonic scape, slow-rolling and profound. – D

Headphone Activist – Haiku [MrSuicideSheep]
Battling a pretty rough migraine this morning, so ambient stuff is all I can manage without my head exploding. Dug up this old one from Pittsburgh’s Headphone Activist to ease the pain. – JB

Myst – Noctis w/ Raiku [self-released]
Another ambient one here to calm it down. Beautiful tones & textures. – JB

Cosmos & Creature – Unsteady [self-released]
If you’re in the mood for a highly tactile, emo-tastic piano power ballad with an ambient-electronic sound design, look no further than “Unsteady.” – MH

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Rezorecta VIP [self-released]
This a reckoning of a remix, massive, wet bass prevails through out with some spooky ass vocals that make you feel like this track is carrying you to the Underworld – damn. – MH

Lenny Kiser – Dial-Up [self-released]
A slouchy thumper that demands a system with appropriate low-end, Lenny Kiser’s “Dial-Up” has blessed plenty of sets over the past year, but I could only ID it after Porkchop dropped it in his Do LaB set and called it “straight up biggest tune in [his] artillery this year.” – NR

Airynore – Without U [SIDECHAINS]
The production on Airynore’s “Without U” channels a trippiness that contrasts the grounded vocals but also makes them jump out. – NR