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In a city and scene known for its widespread diversity, Mark Redito aims to create a wholly inclusive space in Los Angeles for a younger generation of people who identify themselves within underrepresented and marginalized groups, including people of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community. The event series is called Likido — Filipino for “liquid” — and it will kick off this month on July 16th in partnership with Brownies & Lemonade and NEST HQ.

Ahead of the inaugural event in two weeks, we spoke with Mark about his intentions with Likido, what inspired this benevolent vision, and why now is the time we need something like this in LA.

Read on below, and check back in with us next week for the full lineup announcement and more info!


What’s the idea behind Likido?

I think for me and my experience with dance music, being a part of the electronic music scene, it’s been amazing. One thing that’s been on my mind lately though is that I know there’s a lot of people who are like me – people of color – who are making electronic music. But not a lot of us are represented. Not a lot of us have avenues to play our stuff. In my observation, the dance music scene is very white and usually male, so I wanted to carve some space to feature people who are like me and people who identify as queer and women, too. I know there’s a lot of talented people out there who came from these backgrounds, but there’s not enough. So that’s the whole idea behind Likido.

Why is now the time for this?

You know what, Jonah, I feel like events like this happen all the time, but they’re either not identified in this way or they’re not obvious. I’m aware that there are club nights in LA where they cater to the LGBTQ community, but many are underground or some people just don’t know about them.

I think right now, the concept of Likido is for the newer generation. This stuff has been done before, but it’s important for me and the scene that I’m in, and it’s also important that it’s being identified as such. It’s on the posters, the messaging, “Yes, we are here to focus on these communities and we are here to uplift the artists and producers coming from these communities.” Again, here in LA there’s such a diverse scene, but people don’t intentionally identify it.

likido edit by markArt by @kikkujo

And there will also be some kind of charitable aspect to it as well, right?

Ya I wanted to bring it back closer to home. I want a portion of the proceeds from this show to go to an organization that really, directly helps queer people, so me and my partner Cameron agreed that it should go to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. They have a ton of great programs for queer-identifying people, and I’d like to make an impact locally here in LA.

What does it mean to have Brownies & Lemonade on this show with you?

When we were concepting the show, we were thinking of who we would want to collaborate with that was local. It was a short list, obviously NEST was there, and Brownies & Lemonade. I’ve been friends with Kush for maybe two or three years now, and I played at their first event. I really wanted to have them on board because all of us who live in LA know how great of work B&L does for the scene and I really respect their insight. They’ve been doing this for quite a while now and successfully at that, so for this first event it was important for me to learn from them.

Do you see Likido growing into something larger than an event series? How do you see it evolving in the future?

Obviously I have goals and hopes that it could be a bigger thing than just events. I could foresee it evolving into some sort of collective or movement. But at this point, I’m taking it a step at a time, you know, to let this unfold organically.

What else should people know about Likido? What should they expect when they go?

I want it to be a space for everybody. I want it to be a microcosm, a snapshot of how diverse our communities are in dance music. In my experience, when I play shows, it’s a very diverse crowd, and I want to showcase how that can be mirrored in the lineup as well. I want to encourage people to join in on the fun, to not be afraid to bring their authentic selves. I just want Likido to be a place where we can all be authentic to each other and we’re all celebrated – both our similarities and our differences.


Likido will take place at a secret location in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 16th. Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks via the Facebook Event and website.

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