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It’s hard to keep up with all of KRNE‘s releases, but it’s undoubtably worth the effort. The quality vs quantity ratio of his non-stop catalogue is staggering. This week, we get a radio-ready release called “Numb” featuring the brand new singer SAINTS. Dipping his finger into the cauldron of future bass, KRNE swirls around a vibrant mix of flashy synths, rapturous melodies, and contrasting Staind-style heartbroken vocals. Of course, this wouldn’t be a KRNE song without exotic arpeggios and ruthless drum programming.

While this seems to be SAINTS first tune to hit the Internet, his songwriting skills level with a seasoned musician. One of the most admirable song structures we’ve heard from KRNE, “Numb” takes you down a hopeless path with downbeat lyrics, then surrenders you to a rejoicing upbeat.

Grab the free download here and follow KRNE and SAINTS on SoundCloud for more.

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