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TheWaveVR, whose founders we had the chance to interview at FORM Arcosanti this past year, announced its integration with Poly, Google’s 3D platform for 3D objects. Tonight night (November 30th) marks the debut of TheWave’s “weekly wave” concert series since its first major update hosted by dubstep legend Kill The Noise. And now that TheWaveVR has completed this integration and opened up its platform, any user can build a wave using an integrated version of Poly and host their very own public events, meaning you can have your very own VR party/concert.

“One thing we noticed was how much users wanted to customize their own environments and throw their own parties,” explained The Wave’s CEO This is the first in a series of updates that will allow anyone to become a Wave artist. We want the platform to be a social space for infinite creative expression.” Users are now able to construct fully immersive 3D environments using objects created by the Google Tilt Brush and Blocks community, apply custom visual effects, and invite their friends to the party; the update is available today on Steam Early Access.

Join Kill The Noise at 7 pm PST for a show created entirely from scenes and objects created with Tilt Brush and Blocks featuring never-before-seen work from 3D artists Steve Teeple, Sutu Eats Flies, Liz Edwards, Danny Bittman, and Tipatat Chennavasin. This looks so insanely dope!