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Venezuelan-born producer and sound design engineer Diego Calvo, known professionally as Isles, dropped his debut album, Fractal Beach, on Innovative Leisure Records earlier this month. Recorded primarily during his time in Austin, TX, the album was composed primarily by Calvo (guitar, ukelele, percussion) as well as featured production from ONY, Holy Worm, and Grammy-nominated producer DPAT. Calvo has been previously featured as the vocalist on songs with Sango, Classixx, and Grammy-nominated producer DPAT.

While the entire album is gorgeous front to back, “Roam” stands out extraordinarily. Calculated reverb, passionate lo-fi energy, vocals that belt with a silver lining on a foundation of heartfelt grey. The roller coaster ride of emotion hits introspective lows and wildly expressive highs. It’s got a somber soul with an impeccable edge of darkness. On the album, Calvo said, “Some songs are based on specific moments, and some are inspired by the same personal struggles most of us deal with. In short, this album is about lonely peopleĀ and closure. As pessimistic as that sounds, the nice thing about closure is everything that comes after.”

Give the full Fractal Beach album a listen below.