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It’s been two years since Vindata members Branden and Jared launched their production and DJ project. Since then, they’ve released a debut EP on Kastle’s Symbols Recordings, remixed A-Trak, Ellie Goulding, Alex Metric, Odesza, Clean Bandit, Jack Ü, and more, reached multi-millions of plays on SoundCloud, and signed with OWSLA, who will be releasing their upcoming Through Time And Space EP.

Their sound, which has grown and adapted alongside both the club and festival scenes over the years, has always been rooted in catchy melodies, human grooves and forward thinking production. Their upcoming EP takes elements from each of their previous original and remix works—bright and energetic chords blasts, hi-res tropics, and dynamic pop structures—and pairs them with a set of talented vocalists, further defining the duo’s impressive approach to accessible dance vibes. Check our chat with Vindata below and dig into their new Nest HQ MiniMix.

Can you tell us about the process of making the new EP?

Branden: Well, we actually started working on the first initial ideas in Spring 2014 when we began sketching ideas for instrumentals. From there, we got in the studio with the other writers/vocalists. We recorded most of the vocals at the Madden Brothers Studio in Hollywood and York Recording Studios in Highland Park. A few of the instrumentals changed over time once the vocals were complete and we had a solid direction.

Jared: Then we linked up with a good friend of ours, Courtney Ballard, to engineer the EP and finalize the mixing. He literally came in and gave every sound life and its own place within the mix. After that was finished, we sent the tracks in for mastering, and it came back with exactly what we wanted sonically.


How do you like to start a track from scratch?

Branden: Most of the time we lay down a scratch idea in Ableton first, then take that skeleton into Protools.

Jared: The track could start with drums or chords, depending on what we wish to emphasize the most. All final mixdowns and vocal tracking is done in Protools.

What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

Branden: Mostly 90s R&B, Gospel, and Hip Hop in our early years. Anything from Jodeci and Mary J. Blige to Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond to Jay-Z and A Tribe Called Quest.

Jared: We listened to Daft Punk and Tiesto back in the day, but didn’t really get into the more obscure electronic music until later.

What have been some of the biggest highlights of the Vindata project so far?

Branden: Signing with a great management team, releasing “All I Really Need”, signing with OWSLA, and signing with AM Only.

Jared: Also, the first tour we ever went on was with Skrillex, so I’d have to say that was a huge highlight for us.

Any artists we should know about?

Branden: Mack (Mckenzie Graham), Kaleena Zanders, Chuck Ellis, Deina Andreou, Moophs, and GROVES.

What can we expect in this mix?

Jared: Expect to hear some Futurebass, Trap, Experimental, West Coast beats and every thing in-between.

Vindata’s Through Time And Space EP is out this Friday (August 14th) through OWSLA. Check their Nest HQ MiniMix below (free download here).

Nest HQ MiniMix: Vindata Tracklist
1. Chalice – Supremes (Original Mix)
2. Hudson Mohawke – Very First Breath (feat. Irfane)
3. Ramzoid – Everything
4. Deon Custom – Roses
5. Point Point – doubleOreo (San Holo Remix)
6. ID – ID
7. Vindata – Continuum
8. Nite School Klik – Posse (Liquid Amber)
9. Clean Bandit – Stronger (Vindata Remix)
10. Luude – Raichu
11. Vindata Feat. Mack – Getting Away
12. SBTRKT – Decemberist
13. Tapes – Find Y.O.U
14. Mssingno – XE3 (Wheathin Turn)
15. Sam Gellaitry – Glacier
16. Rvdical The Kid x MisterMack – Ethereal
17. CLIN – Sane
18. Zuper – Profanity
19. Moby – In This World (Human Remix)
20. Kitty, Sasha Go Hard & Tink – Spotless (prod. Ryan Hemsworth & little cloud)
21. Shlump – Hydro
22. Dj Pound – Thought Machine (Mono/Poly Remix)
23. TroyBoi – You Kno
24. josh pan ft. BNJMN – [ 212 ]
25. Collarbones – Turning (Flume Remix)

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