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Slick Shoota is an Oslo, Norway-based producer and one of our best to come out of the footwork and juke scene. Early last year he collaborated with vocalist, Purple, on the Mad Decent / Jeffree’s-released “F Dat” single; a lush, melodic approach to the 160pm sound which premiered with an equally memorable video (one of our favorites of the year) that served as a perfect snapshot of the internet culture’s visual aesthetics.

This year he’s pushed forward with an amazing rework of the classic rave anthem, “Meet Me at the Love Parade”, featured on Long Clothing’s TRANCEWORK compilation, as well as the sleek, understated Keep Bussin’ EP, released through Druid Cloak’s new Apothecary Compositions imprint.

He’s a definite favorite, and we’re stoked to be premiering his new MiniMix for Nest HQ along with the interview below:

First off, how was your day?

I’d give it an 8 out of 10. Had a lot of fun finishing this guest mix for you guys, and I also made a crackin’ meal for dinner: salmon seasoned with sesame seed and curry alongside a broccoli cream. Sun’s been out too, and I’ve been watching the World Cup. Come think of it I’ll give this day 9/10.

Pls describe your surroundings for us.

Right now I’m sitting in my bedroom studio, which is neatly facing right towards the windows. I live on the 4th floor, so right now I’m watching the sun set right across the park. It’s kind of beautful. Ya’ll shoulda been here.


How long have you been producing? Did you have other projects before this one?

I’ve always been messing around with sounds and samples in some sort of way for fun with various software. When I first started out I was mostly producing breaks, drum n bass and dubstep. I had my first official release in 2010, so since then I’ve been taking it more seriously.

Was there a specific song or artist that got you into the footwork / juke sound?

I came across the music of DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn in some mixtapes and I never looked back. I started researching and got more into the scene and especially all of the Teklife producers have been a big inspiration to me in that way. If it wasn’t for DJ Rashad, though, I wouldn’t have gone down this musical route so I owe him a lot. He was always really supportive towards me and my music and it’s still hard to believe he is gone. His talents has been a huge inspiration for a lot of people, so his legacy lives on.

Seems like Norway is on the rise as far as producers. Have you had a chance to hang with Lido or Cashmere? Any other up and comers in the area we should keep an eye on?

I’ve known both Lido and Cashmere for quite a while, we met through common friends and events around 2009. I’ve done a collab named No No with Cashmere Cat, sadly I don’t think it ever will come out though, so seems like that one is a forever dubplate. I actually remixed Lido under a different alias years ago, and I’ve also remixed one of his newest tracks, so we keep in touch every now and then.

All three of us played the Mad Decent showcase at SXSW this year too, which was great fun. You don’t have to go far back in time to think that it was very unlikely that three producers from Norway would be on the bill for an event like that, so it’s definitely exciting times.

As far as other producers to keep an eye out for I’d say Drippin is destined for big things. He’s got a great EP forthcoming on Lit City Trax so that’s a hot tip. Also Hasta, a young producer that just had his first release is showing great potential, excited to see him grow the next couple of years!


Are club-goers in Oslo pretty used to 160bpm or is it still mostly an underground vibe?

It’s definitely still an underground vibe, so I wouldn’t say people are used to it at all. With that said I’ve had some amazing sets in Oslo where I’ve gone all in on the 160 stuff and people have been loving it so it’s all a matter of time and place, as with most things.

Best clubs out there?

Have to give a shoutout to Blaa here in Oslo where I have my monthly clubnight Ball Em Up, had some great parties there with some of the best bass music producers in Europe over the last year. Shoutout to Brukbar in Trondheim, best sound system in Norway. As for international clubs I don’t think I have a specific favorite yet, just real blessed that I get to play my music across clubs around Europe really!

“F Dat” and it’s video are some of our favorite things to come out of 2013. How did that track (and the Hoodboi x Djemba Djemba Remix) come about?

Thanks! “F Dat” was a landmark release for me and it’s definitely one of my biggest tracks yet. It’s also the first track I’ve done featuring original vocals from the amazing Purple which I’m also proud of, especially with it being the first track she ever recorded too.

I’m a big fan of Djemba Djemba and love his productions so when Mad Decent asked me who I wanted on remix duties he was my top choice. I got the preview and it absolutely blew me away. The fact that DJ Hoodboi joined the party was just a great bonus, and they really did smash it, love the Miami bass vibes.


What’s your personal favorite track (that you’ve made)?

“F Dat” is up there of course. I’m also very happy with my remix of Joss Ryan’s “Melancholy Dreams”. It was one of those remixes that just happened naturally, and the mixdown ended up being superclean too, which is something I always strive for. Also gonna give “Keep Bussin'” honourable mention, the title track from my latest EP on Apothecary Compositions, it’s a vibey track but still with a dancefloor punch which sums up what I’m about quite nicely.

What’s your favorite article of clothing?

FRESH SOCKS! There is nothing quite like the immensely good feels of putting on a pair of fresh new socks. Special shoutout to my new Air Max 90’s too though.

What can we expect in this new mix?

I went all in on a dancefloor hype, with a mixture of juke, jungle, rap and straight up ravey vibes. It’s 20 tracks in 30 minutes so there’s a lot of quick mixing and fun blends. I also put a couple of brand new exclusive tracks from myself in there, as well as tracks from other producers I’m rating at the moment.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Check Slick Shooter’s Nest HQ MiniMix and tracklist below and click here to download.

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Nest HQ MiniMix: Slick Shoota MiniMix Tracklist
1. Hudson Mohawke – Cbat (Slick Shoota 2k14 Edit)
2. Beatking – BDA
3. Joss Ryan – Melancholy Dreams (Slick Shoota Remix)
4. Fracture – Loving Touch
5. LV & Josh Idehen – Imminent (Slick Shoota Remix)
6. DJ Rashad ft. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny – Do It Again
7. Druthers And Drips – Hit Em (Sinistarr Remix)
8. Stray – Eazy Boy
9. Moresounds & H-SIK – Shtrakoss Riddim
10. DJ Rashad – Don’t Drop It
11. Slick Shoota – Sex Tape
12. Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade (Slick Shoota Remix)
13. 6blocc – Ruffest
14. DJ Earl ft. DJ Rashad & DJ Taye – Bombaklot
15. DJ Eskilate – ICE (Slick Shoota Remix)
16. Moresounds – Riddim Again
17. Sam Binga- 8 Barr
18. Slick Shoota – That Adam F Remix
19. Rockwell – *)* [808]
20. Slick Shoota – Murda Tool

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