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Mija has gone from local Phoenix, Arizona based DJ to worldwide in-demand act in a little over a year — and for good reason. Her Bonnaroo B2B Sunrise set with Skrillex introduced her and her sound to the world. Her competition winning mix entry for the Black Butter stage at Tomorrowworld showed her expertise in current house music, and her “fk a genre” mix showed her capability in everything else. Her OWSLA-released “Crank It” collaboration with Ghastly has been a major influence on the wave of bassline house that’s been taking over U.S. sets lately, and her upcoming tour schedule is slammed; notably including support for the Full Flex Express Canadian tour, where she will be playing back to back with Anna Lunoe and sharing the stage with Jack U, Tycho, Kiesza, A$AP Ferg, Hundred Waters and Zed’s Dead.

Check our interview with Mija below, featuring a few guest questions from her manager, Jeffrey O’Neill.


Mija: Hi.

NHQ: Hiiii. Your room!

Mija: Aw man, my room’s so messy. I’m trying to put together this new bed.

NHQ: Where did you just come back from?

Mija: I was in Nashville, then I went through Birmingham to Hangout fest, and then here.

NHQ: Awesome, I heard you got to see Tame Impala?

Mija: Yeah, that was so good! I got to see them at the Ryman in Nashville.

NHQ: I feel like you were hit with a very sudden wave of fans and shows. Is that hard to adjust to?

Mija: I dunno if it’s so much adjusting, it’s just like, doing it. Just going for it. You don’t really think about it too much, you just kinda keep going. Is this the interview or are we just talking as homies I can’t tell.

NHQ: No, this is the interview (laughs).

Mija: Oh sick, I’m doing an interview for you and Jeff [Mija’s manager]? That’s awesome (laughs).

NHQ: Yeah (laughs).

Jeff: I just happen to be here!

NHQ: Are you crushing on any hott DJs? Are you aloud to say?

Mija: I’m not telling you that!

Jeff: He was tryin to get it out of me!

Mija: Jeff doesn’t know who I crush on!

Jeff: No, but I know people that I would hope you crush on…

Mija: You told me to crush on Father John Misty.

Jeff: (laughs) That doesn’t count! That’s just because Hog and I have crushes on him.


NHQ: How do you feel about the new shirts you just put out?

Mija: I’m super excited about them. They’re being made right now. I think they’re gonna come out really good. They’re all being made hand sewn and printed in DTLA, so I think it’ll be pretty special. I’m gonna hand number them like vinyl.

NHQ: I don’t think a lot of people know that you are a designer as well. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Mija: Yeah, I got into that when I started working at this T Shirt shop in Tempe, Arizona. I ended up learning how to do Photoshop and Illustrator. I did that for three years and I loved it, so I think I definitely want to continue doing that. I think I wanna do something different next time, like a bathing suit, or leggings, other stuff besides shirts that you wouldn’t normally see come out — but only do like, 50. Only one single thing at a time.

NHQ: How did you feel about the video that just came out?

Mija: The video came out sooo good. Nick Roney, the director, absolutely killed it. That was his first commission job and our first video. It was really good vibes the whole time. The whole crew was really awesome. Half the time we didn’t even know what we were doing, that was kinda the funny part. Nick would be like, “Okay, um, go ahead and sit on this couch and just have a seizure.” So then we’d have a seizure on this couch for 45 seconds straight. But that ended up being one of my favorite parts of the video — we’re just shaking and the stars go over our bodies. It was super cool, I’m really happy with it.

NHQ: Can you tell us, from your perspective, about the Bonnaroo set where Sonny jumped on with you?

That Bonnaroo set was the most surreal thing I’ve ever experienced. It was the first festival I ever got the opportunity to play. To be completely honest, the reason why Sonny jumped on the decks with me was because the DJ that was playing before wouldn’t let me on for my scheduled set. If sonny hadn’t come up, I wouldn’t have even gotten to play at all. it was a series of events that occured so serendipitously. the set itself unfolded organically and was the starting point of my friendship with sonny and his crew.

for me, owsla is more than just a dope record label. opposed to popular belief, I’m not owsla exclusive– but I back them (+nest) 100% and am so grateful to be in the fam. it made moving to DTLA an easy transition because I made friends with genuinely GOOD people, which isn’t always easy to come by. I have met and get to work some amazing artists as well as play rad shows with some of my best friends.

NHQ: Are you stoked about Full Flex?

Mija: Yeah! That’s the most exciting thing of the Summer, for sure.

NHQ: Have you ever played with Anna Lunoe before?

Mija: Yeah, I played with her once actually. We were both playing separate gigs in SF, so I rolled over there after my show and ended up playing with her and Gary, Justin Martin and a few others. We also played at an after party together once. We’re both doing the same stage at Mystery Land too.

NHQ: Have you been to Canada before?

Mija: I’ve been to Vancouver and Victoria, but that’s it. But that was not as an adult, that was as a little girl in a choir going to Canada for like a singing week.

NHQ: Are there any other things you’re stoked about for the tour?

Mija: I’m pretty much just stoked to be with all of those people. I feel like it’s such a diverse group and eclectic lineup. I think what I’m most excited for is being on the train for hours and hours — I guess there’s this one spot with no cell phone service or internet. I think that’s gonna be really interesting. I think it last for like 30 hours. So it’s just gonna be making the dopest music with no distractions, no social media or anything.


Jeff: Like what is Tycho gonna make when he’s just alone for 30 hours and no cell phones

Mija: Dude Tycho and Hundred Waters are probably gonna make the most beautiful sounding music ever.

NHQ: ooooo shit

Jeff: That’s gonna be insane

NHQ: And then you’re gonna collab with Ferg

Mija: Yeah, I’m gonna rap over one of Ferg’s tracks. It’s gonna be pretty sick, “A$AP Mija”. I’m joining the mob.

NHQ: Alright let’s do this Tiger Beat questionnaire.

Mija: What is it?

NHQ: Tiger Beat was a magazine for teen girls and they had this one set of questions that they would ask everybody.

Jeff: But you have to answer a couple too Joseph.

NHQ: Whyyy?

Jeff: Fair is fair.


NHQ: Number 1! How would your mother describe you in one word?

Mija: She wouldn’t be able to… umm… I think honestly, because my mom is super nice, I think she would call me “compassionate”

NHQ: Awww. What is your favorite flower?

Mija: Dandy Lion.

NHQ: What is the most insane question you’ve ever been asked?

Mija: “How do you wanna die?”

NHQ: Ohhh. That’s gnarly… that sounds like they’re gonna kill you.

Mija: Yeah… I mistakenly said “Plane Crash”. I don’t know why. For some reason that was the first thing that came to my head.

NHQ: Wait, who asked you that?

Mija: It was an interview in Mexico.

NHQ: What word in the English language do you wish you had invented?

Mija: Whimsical.

NHQ: Where would you like to live?

Mija: I really like LA, but I would love to live, maybe temporarily, in Tokyo, just because it looks so crazy. I’ve never been there before but it’s kinda where I wanna go the most.


NHQ: What is the first quote that comes to your mind?

Mija: “Born like this into this.”

NHQ: What’s that from?

Mija: It’s the first line in “Dinasauria, we” which is a poem by Charles Bukowski.

NHQ: What animal best describes the kind of girl or boy you’d be interested in?

Mija: White Tiger.

Jeff: Interesting…

NHQ: What do you miss about your childhood?

Mija: Childhood kinda sucked, but I really liked playing with chalk on my sidewalk and riding my bike around pretending it was a car.

NHQ: If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Mija: I dunno, I kinda like my name. I wanted to change it once when I was like eight. I wanted to change it to Amy but that’s only because I was reading a book and the main character’s name was Amy and I thought she was really cool. But I would never change my name. I’ll stick with Amber.

NHQ: This one’s a little rough… “What is the main fault in your character?” (laughs).

Jeff: Jeez… Is that one yours? Is it your turn Joseph?

Mija: Where did you get these?

Jeff: Wait… which one are you gonna answer though, cuz you gotta answer one.

Mija: I would say distraction is my biggest fault. Getting distracted way too often. But like for stupid things. Not like bad things.

NHQ: Who is your favorite historical figure?

Mija: Jeffrey O’Neill.

Jeff: Uh… Joseph you’re answering the next one right?

NHQ: Maybe… “Describe you how you kiss in one word?”

Mija: Amazing… (laughs). Wait what questions are you supposed to answer?

Jeff: He’s got like four left

Mija: Pick a good one.


Jeff: Alright, I’m gonna piiick… 13 and 15. Done.

NHQ: You don’t want me to say “deep house” for 14?

Jeff: (laughs) No, you don’t get to answer that one. 13. Go.

NHQ: Ok. 13. “If you met the right girl or boy today would you propose tomorrow?” No.

Mija: Fuck no… That’s the question you asked him?

Jeff: I thought it was gonna be better! Ok! 15!

Mija: How do you kiss in one word?

NHQ: Uhhhhh…

Jeff: Aggressively! I’m just throwing out random words.

NHQ: (laughs) I’d say… solid… ly.

Jeff: Ok you still have to answer 15.

NHQ: Why do you think most girls or boys date you? Ummm… I dunno, I’m a nice boi.

Jeff: “nice bois!” That’s what it is instead of nap girls. Nap girls and nice bois.

NHQ: Ok, this is a new one, “What in the world do you least desire?”

Mija: Ummm… tongue tacos.

Jeff: Tacos de lengua.

NHQ: That sounds really bad.

Mija: Not down.

NHQ: Why do YOU think most girls or boys date you?

Mija: Ummm. These are the weirdest questions.

NHQ: (laughs)

Mija: Probably because I have a lot of whisky on my rider.

NHQ: Truuu.

NHQ: Ok, finish this sentence, “happiness is a thing called…”

Mija: Love.

NHQ: Oh, that’s the obvious one.

Mija: Duh.

Jeff: Mutual solitude…

NHQ: Do you have any questions for Jeff?

Mija: Jeff, in one word, how do you kiss?

Jeff: Aggro.

Mija: (laughs) Alright, fair enough.

Jeff: (laughs) Hesitantly!

NHQ: Anything you want to say to all your fans?

Mija: I would just say, thank you for everything. That’s really all you can say. I’m only here because of all of them. I hope they like what I’m doing (laughs). I’m getting nervous talking to you guys.

Jeff: It’s like the part in the movie where there’s the sparkle music.

NHQ: Awesome. Thanks for the chat Amber!

Mija: No problem.

Jeff: Bye Mija!

Mija: Byyyye.

Catch Mija on the Full Flex Express tour, starting in July, and check her full list of upcoming tour dates here.

Full Flex Express Dates:
July 8th – Ottawa, ON – RBC Bluesfest Ottawa
July 9th – Quebec City, QC – Quebec City Summer Festival
July 10th – Montreal, QC – Parc Jean Drapeau
July 11th – Toronto, ON – Echo Beach
July 14th – Winnipeg, MB – Adrenaline Adventures
July 15th – Saskatoon, SK – Diefenbaker Park
July 17th – Calgary, AB – Prairie Winds Park
July 19th – Pemberton, BC – Pemberton Festival

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