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Bass champion, AC Slater, has kicked off our brand new, free release imprint, Nest, this morning, bringing five club-ready rippers together under the guise of the Back To The Floor EP. As an all-free label, Nest will now live within the webs of Nest HQ, showcasing carefully selected tunes and releases from both rising and established talent across all genres.

To coincide with Nest’s inaugural release within Nest HQ, we had a chat with AC about the intentions behind Back To The Floor as well as AC’s quest to create a new space in the dance scene that caters to a more intimate, music appreciating crowd.

Read the interview below and download AC Slater’s Back To The Floor on the Nest releases page.


Let’s kick things off by chatting about the title of this release. What’s the meaning behind “Back To The Floor?”

AC – Back to the Floor is just a statement of where my head is at musically. Taking the focus from the superstar DJ concert back to the clubs. The whole “put your hands up” and shit is cool but it’s kinda played out for me personally. I want to focus more on the music and how it makes the individual feel. Everyone having their own experience and vibing out in the club rather than watching someone tell them what to do. It doesn’t have to be on 10 all the time. It’s okay to zone out and get lost in the music.

I feel that. Instead of staring at a DJ for 4 hours, just enjoy the music with your homies. Where do you feel most comfortable playing these kinds of tunes? What’s the perfect environment for people to listen to Back to the Floor?

AC – A nice dark club or warehouse with a great sound system. I’ve basically spent the last 7+ years chasing and attempting to recreate the feeling of when I walked into the first T&B event in Brooklyn. Just a small, sweaty room filled with people absolutely losing it to really awesome bass music that you couldn’t really hear anywhere else. I’m a bassline junkie, always chasing that rush of the next tune. But ideally you could come to my monthly party Night Bass in LA, which I throw with Dim Mak at Sound Nightclub. Shameless plug!!

night bass

Shameless plug accepted! This release and Night Bass really go hand in hand as far as the ethos and overall vibe of both. It seems like you’re creating a culture of a new type of music at your Night Bass events that you can’t really find in a similar concentration anywhere else in Los Angeles. Would you agree?

AC – Over the past year I’ve found that there’s not really a perfect place for me within the dance scene here in the states. There used to be maybe 5 or 6 years ago, but medium and smaller sized parties really disappeared as EDM popularity started rising. Now you have big theaters and megaclubs with $40+ ticket prices for EDM DJs, or you have house/techno events, neither of which my music totally fits into. My goal with Night Bass is not only to have a dope party, but also to create a space within the scene for people like me who love the music that I love. The reaction has been great. People want something fresh and exciting.

Agreed. So you teamed up with a couple of collaborators for two of the tracks on this EP. How did you link up with Micah Freeman for “On The Run” and Tigerlight for “Clouds On Fire?”

AC – I met Micah Freeman through my friend and frequent collaborator Dell Harris from Atlanta. He told me about Micah saying he is a great vocalist and introduced us, I sent him some music, he was excited about it, and next thing you know we had “On The Run”. As for Tigerlight, we had been talking for a while about collaborating and I sent her a few instrumentals and ideas. She recorded some vocals and sent them back to me and the rest just flowed out easily. I love the Internet, I didn’t even have to leave my apartment to work with these talented people.

Bless the interwebz! Was your creative process any different producing Back To The Floor? It seems like you have a specific viewpoint or overall attitude with this release…

AC – With this EP I literally sat down and decided to make a group of songs that covered a lot of ideas. I’ll break it down for you track by track…

This track is a subtle shout out to that 2007 sound that really influenced me, but with modern sounds. I really wanted to hold this one back and not get too heavy, but I had to throw in that crazy heavy bass synth that comes in at the end of every loop and right before the drops.

I wanted to do something more “songy” that wasn’t just straight up banger, but still works on the floor. I had a loose idea with the instrumental, but once I got Micah’s vocals I really switched up the vibe to be more minimal compared to my other stuff and a little deeper.

This is my favorite track on the EP. It’s literally just a straight up dark bouncy Night Bass track made for the dancefloor. I made this with a massive hangover one day and got the main idea down in like an hour. It’s all about the “woah” sample!

I sent the chords and piano to Tigerlight and she sent back these haunting yet pretty vocals. Once I threw them in I just went crazy on the speed garage tip. This song is literally just me emulating speed garage from late 90s/early 00s which is a huge influence on me to this day. I purposely made it sound a little more low-fi and old, and even used that old Akai sampler time stretch that is in all those classic songs!

An ode to UK bassline. When bassline was popping off I was obsessed with it. I would go to England and buy bassline vinyl anywhere I could find it. I grew even more obsessed when I was told up north by promoters that I couldn’t play it at my shows because police would shut the event down due to the gang violence associated with it. That blew my mind. Anyway, cooked up a classic bassline and some menacing chords, then threw in a grime section for good measure.


Download all of Back To The Floor on the Nest release page.

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