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In case your Friday wasn’t already amazing enough, the man of a million faces Getter just dropped not one, not two, but three massive announcements. First, he dropped a brand new tune called “Wat The Frick” that absolutely TEARS through your speakers.  You don’t expect it at first; a pleasant string of 8bit chords feels more like an old adventure video game. As the track moves along, it starts to melt into a flurry of colors (much like the artwork) before we find ourselves at the heart of a room filled with metallic chaos. Honestly, it just makes me want more.

Thankfully, the second drop is a 29-track playlists with “Wat The Frick” at the helm. Filled with his own music and some from friends like josh pan and Ghastly, you get a sense of what you’ll hear in his sets. Curious to what that sounds like in real life? Well, announcement three is the tour dates of his massive North American tour hosted by the one and only, Nick Colletti. You won’t want to miss it, I promise.

You can find the dates here and the playlist below. Grab the free download of “Wat The Frick” here and find more of Getter on SoundCloud and Twitter.

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