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Since Getter announced his the launch of his own imprint Shred Collective earlier this spring, they’ve been releasing fire music, media, and merchandise pretty much non-stop (be sure to check out the sick Shred shop and their SoundCloud if you haven’t already). We had the opportunity to sit down with Getter in his badass imaginary living room to get the story on his roll-out for Shred Collective and grasp the full scope of his vision of Shred becoming a hub for multiple forms of creative expression spanning across different mediums and genres.

In an April interview, he explained the origin of his ethos for Shred, “When I was making a ton of very experimental music while still with Firepower [Records], instead of holding me back and asking me to stay in the reigns of Firepower, he [Datsik] told me to go check out OWSLA and see if I could fit in there. He was really the first dude who told me I could make different music and not have to worry about ruining relationships, because he told me that the people who are your real friends won’t hate you for trying to expand yourself as an artist. I want to take what he taught me and bring it to my mentor role at Shred Collective and really instill in my new artists what he did for me.” As you’ll see in the video above, having Getter as a mentor has got to be a pretty wild ride, but it’s obvious his heart and artistic vision are in the right place so we just can’t wait to see what’s next – enjoy, Shredders!

Directed by: @jonbrandoncruz
Animation by: @somehoodlum