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This morning, set the vibe of your day with the voice of an incredible singer/songwriter. Dot, born Kate Ellwanger, hails from Olympia, WA and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is the founder and CEO of Unspeakable Records, a label specifically established for female producers and musicians. She is also a member of Team Supreme, signed to Alpha Pup, and has been featured in the likes of Pitchfork, LA Weekly, Okayfuture, MTV Brazil, as well as our very own NEST HQ. Kate holds a DJ residency at Ace Hotel, and organizes events across Los Angeles, including Los Globos, The Lash, The Virgil, and Short Stop. Her solo work is incredible, but her work producing for artists like SZA and Teri GenderBender, along with her film and television scoring and vast knowledge of music production set her on a level many artists only dream of reaching.

Today, we present her latest effort, “No Filter” with fellow TS member JNTHN STEIN. This one is a bit softer around the edges than what JS usually produces, but the beatmaker mentality is still very much there. That’s where Dot comes into play. She dominates the track with a delicate easiness that fits perfectly on any rainy day playlist or lovesick mixtape. Their expertise and talent shine ever so brightly against the azure skies of “No Filter.” Dot offered some words on the track:

“No Filter” actually began as a beat for a TeamSupreme cypher. Stein was in LA for a few days, so we did most of the writing and recording at my house in Echo Park, then ended up finishing it at his studio in Brooklyn when I was there last summer. Jonathan is probably one of my favorite people to work with of all time — we seem to balance one another’s styles really well during sessions. I’m always way up in the clouds with floaty melodies and emotions while he brings the grounded energy with bass and production.

Listen and grab your free download below.