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This past month has been an incredible period for techno, we’re talking maniacal, genre-melting, and exhilarating sounds.

Something I’ve come to realize recently is that modern producers are starting to branch out and become more open to combining vast, varied elements from different time periods, tempos, and styles (electro, techno, club, bass, etc.), making the use of genres increasingly obsolete. Sooo that’s kind of the theme I went with for this month’s playlist.

This month’s playlist art, done by yours truly (shameless plug #1), features everyone’s favorite German techno maestro, Boys Noize, not only because I got to open for him at Brooklyn’s Mixmag Lab earlier this month (shameless plug #2), but more so because he just released his fourth studio album, Mayday – a tangible and genuine reflection of the aforementioned ingenuity of this generation’s musical talent.

Today, I give you 32 tracks and mixes (in no particular order) that I hope will give you a proper taste of the current state of the techno realm. Enjoy!

Boys Noize – Mayday [Boysnoize Records]

I think I cried when I first heard this. Boys Noize ventured away from four-on-the-floor techno structure when making this album, and this track sets the tone for the rest of Mayday as he uses unconventional rhythm patterns and abstract mechanics. Breaking out of any formulaic restrictions, he reiterates his blind devotion for the techno punk scene.

Boys Noize feat. Benga – Dynamite [Boysnoize Records]


Vakkuum – ID

Ripped from a Danny Daze b2b Tiga set at XOYO in London, Vakkuum teases a (hopefully) upcoming release that will penetrate your soul. I’m about 99% sure Danny played this on Holy Ship in February, leaving my jaw on the flooooooor. Just cannot get over this one.

Luke Eargoggle & The Hacker – Body [Brokntoys]

Downtempo EBM at its finest. The Hacker is an absolute master with blackened electro melodies and this track with Swedish producer Luke Eargoggle is no exception. This one has an incredibly sexy groove to it with retro synth riffs and sultry drum machine percussions.

Lloyd SB – Hypercube [Nervous Horizon]

Nervous Horizon is quickly becoming one of my favorite new labels. This one is a jersey club techno hybrid with unbelievably heavy elements of electro.

Lloyd SB feat. Wallwork – The Portal [Nervous Horizon]

Another track from Lloyd SB’s insane Boida Flare EP – a raw, contorted, and cerebral jam.

Jimmy Edgar – 4FOURTH DIMENSION [Ultramajic]

Off of his new DREAMZ COME TRUE EP recently released on his own Ultramajic imprint, Jimmy melts R&B flavors with metallic percussion and mechanical techno undertones.

Audion – Timewarp [!K7]

Audion’s entire Alpha album is a high-key masterpiece. Bless you Matthew Dear, bless you.

Djedjotronic mix for DJ Mag

Forever one of my favorite producers, Djedjotronic always satisfies with his mixes and live sets with his combination of emotional, luscious, cryptic electro and techno.

Djedjotronic – Strapon [Boysnoize Records]

Djedjo has a distinguishable ability to create oppressive and almost violent soundscapes with an overwhelming sensuality. The Strapon EP (out June 24) in its entirety proves to be more than worth the wait since 2015’s Pleasure And Pain EP. It’s f**king wild.

Daft Punk – Indo Silver Club (Klienfeld Extended Tool)

Klienfeld transforms the iconic Daft Punk Homework track into a writhing nine-minute expedition through warehouse techno.

Aloka – Typo (Doctor Jeep Remix) [Punks Music]

Doctor Jeep is a wizard when it comes to seamlessly fusing robust club and bass elements with a jungle feel.

AM138 – Heartbeat / Rye [Esten Club]

LA’s AM138 duo has been on my radar for a while now, putting out some of the most ferocious and torturous techno in the US. They just released their five-track Black Line EP on the new Esten Club records, and every track is punishing and destructive.

Koen Groeneveld – A Free Concert

Complete with an echoing spoken sermon atop a classic tech house drum pattern, this one is mind-altering from both the musical and vocal angles.

EKLPX – Anechoic

Hard, hard, hard techno and acid are meticulously married in this nonstop power trip through the underworld. No doubt an oppressive peak-time weapon to destroy the dancefloor.

Bambounou – Le Choix

An undisputed member of the hyper-productive French techno wave, Bambounou gifts us this emotive and atmospheric jam with long-spanning builds and waving synth patterns.

Deauwd – Adept (previews) [Float Records]

Released on TWR72’s Float label, old school elements guide this tense techno EP through some varied sound styles ranging from minimal to jackin’ house and acid.

LIMIT – LIMIT#2 (L-VIS 1990 & EGYPTRIXX) [Halocline Trance]

Wretched tension and percussive builds make this track a bonafide club killer.

Eskimo Twins feat. Justine – Je M’Ennuie (Mikron Remix) [Clouded Vision]

Mikron is an absolute master at emotive, thought-provoking, and ambient electronica. This remix is one of those songs you put on at 6:00 AM to unwind and decompress after a night at the club.

Borussia invite Costello [Rinse FR]

Costello explores some unique electronic textures in this mix, including tracks from Cowboy Rhythmbox, Rex the Dog, Danny Daze, and JoeFarr.

Konstantin Tschechow – Bretton Woods [Rat Life]

Overtly dark and remarkably percussive, this one is just… beautifully weird.

Doctor Jeep – X-Press [Chaos Clan]

Another high energy tribal-bass-club jam with warped synths and disfigured sounds, prescribed by Doctor Jeep M.D.

Human Movement – Hi-Hat Conversation

Australia’s Human Movement have been gaining more and more traction in the techno world – and rightfully so – ever since the release of their debut EP earlier this year. Their freshly new Subcity EP includes two rolling and forceful jams that work both in the techno club and an underground warehouse rave setting.

MSTRKRFT – Party Line (Mr. Oizo Remix)

So, this is pretty straight-up electro, but it’s too good not to include. Mr. Oizo is undoubtedly one of my absolute favorite producers of all time because he has such a discernible sound that never ceases to blow my mind. This one is a gnarled downtempo retro electro track from the French legend.


You can’t go wrong with a robotic acid techno jam.

_Unsubscribe_ Penultimate Mix

Dave Clarke and Mr. Jones make up the duo _Unsubscribe_, who released their Penultimate EP on BNR back in April. This hour long, pounding, and no-holds-barred mix features 27 tracks from Robert Hood, Planetary Assault Systems, Perc & Truss, and a plethora of other techno heavyweights.

Zombie Disco Squad – Do You Like [Psycho Disco!]

More of a tech house jam, this ZDS track out on Psycho Disco! is perfectly simplistic, but not for one second lacking in fervor and infectiousness. The vocal repetitions atop the 4×4 jackin’ beat and polished, high-pitched chords are quite delicious.

S-File mix for GND Radio

Never one to disappoint in the techno department, S-File delves into his record collection for this two-hour classic house and techno vinyl mix courtesy of GND radio.

Strip Steve – It’s All About [Waxtefacts]

As a producer, Strip Steve always surprises me with his wide range of style and skill. No two of his tracks sound even remotely similar, and I think that is an incredibly admirable talent. This silky house treat is part of a vinyl-only mini-compilation release out in July via Waxtefacts.

Boys Noize feat. Remy Banks – Euphoria (Skream Remix) [Boysnoize Records]

Skream reimagines this Boys Noize tune with a hypnotic and retro tech house twist. Extending the original vocal stylings of Remy Banks, Skream develops some heavenly synth melodies over the entirety of the seven-minute tune.


UK heavyweights Truss and Tessela joined forces back in 2012 for this unstoppable headbanging techno workout. Literally one of the most aggressive and musically poisonous tracks I’ve ever heard. Proceed with caution.