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Today we’re stoked to be bringing you the launch of another curator playlist series, this time coming from one of our family members and NEST HQ writers: Jade aka DISCHETTO. Check her words below:

Hello fellow techno fiends. I am so excited to announce the launch of a new monthly playlist curated by yours truly. In addition to being NEST’s resident techno expert, I DJ under the name DISCHETTO, and am happy to provide you with the latest tracks to soundtrack your venture into the techno underworld. Enjoy!

_UNSUBSCRIBE_  – The Opener (Jensen Interceptor Remix) [Boysnoize Records]

Jensen Interceptor is a freakin’ wizard with his signature brand of jackin’ and offensive techno.

Amato – Deranged [Cititrax]

Amato is the new side project by French legend, The Hacker. This one fuses classic EBM (electronic body music) elements with electro and techno with an industrial vibe.

Dean Grenier – Rotorvator [Omnidisc]

This whole EP released on Danny Daze’s label was a cosmic listening experience in general, but this track is impressively distorted and danceable at the same time.

Pyramid – Alteria [Record Record]

Featured on the Filet Mignon 4 compilation, this one isn’t strictly a techno track, but still with a heavy and dark bassline guiding through ethereal melodies.

DJ MML – Communication Theory [Boysnoize Records]

Louisahhhh! + Maelstrom + Jensen Interceptor = DJ MML. ‘Nuff said.

Maelstrom – Lithium [Cititrax]

One of my personal favorite and most respectable artists in the game. Maelstrom has a knack for mechanical and metallically textured jams with irresistible rhythms.

JoeFarr – Spectate (Max Cooper Remix) [Leisure System]

Max Cooper marries overtly intense melodies with jagged rhythms and abstract sounds in an extremely emotional way.

Divided – Interzone [Project 13]

This one is one of those peak-time weapons that is not for the faint of heart. What can I say? I just love music that scares me.

Junior Boys – Big Black Coat (Robert Hood Remix) [City Slang]

It’s Robert Hood. Needs no introduction.

October & Borai – Necessary Force [Happy Skull]

One of those tracks that you hear live and are just like “what the f*** was that”. In a good way.

Vincenn – Lessen & Resolve The Rust EP [Refluxed]

Just a really quality EP all the way through from yet another talented French techno producer. Totally hypnotic, aggressive, and heart-attack-enducing.

Stenny – Consume IV [Ilian Tape]

Munich’s Ilian Tape never disappoints. Stenny explores a sonic and apocalyptic landscape with this EP.

Randomer – Concierge [Clone]

Randomer is one of my top 5 producers of all time because his tracks are so emotive and beautiful in such a cryptic way.

Amtrac – Once Is Enough (Chambray Remix) [Super Music Group]

This one technically falls under the house umbrella, but it is incredibly uplifting and punching so I can’t not share.

DETOUR – Rugged [Leisure System]

If you’re trying to travel into the seventh layer of hell, this one will take you there.

HD Substance – Transponder EP [AYCB]

Housemeister’s AYCB label is a one-stop-shop for strictly raw techno jams.

Env3 – Typ2 [SubTL]

The kicks in this track are incomprehensible.

Audion – Destroyer [!K7]

Off of Audion’s first album in a decade, this track is so tragically brilliant with its mechanical finesse, warped sounds, and incredibly complex rhythms.

Kamikaze Space Programme – Absence [Killekill]

Fresh off the release of his Humanoid EP, KSP offers up another otherworldly and intoxicating production for the Killekill Megahits II compilation.

VNP – Wake Me Up (TWR72 Remix) [Nice To Be]

TWR72 has quite the knack for – lack of a better word – sexy techno. All of their tracks are sharp and rugged but also viciously seductive.

Arnaud Rebotini – Danger Zone [Zone]

Arnaud Rebotini is an absolute legend. His new EP for Gesaffelstein & The Hacker’s Zone label is robotic, retro, and totally assertive.

Commuter – Sometimes I Wish I Lived In 1981 [Life Sentence]

If you love classic electro with a sinister vibe, pleaseeee take the time to explore Commuter’s entire discography.

Randomer & Cadans – Anchor [Neighbourhood]

Randomer & Cadans put forth their Angry Fiddle / Lottarump EP last year via Clone Records and I think I’ve played both tracks in almost every set of mine since. They’re back with another collaborative EP, this time on Neighbourhood and it’s freakin’ WILD.

THROWBACK TRACK:  Public Energy – Three O Three [Electric Deluxe]

This was released in 1992 and it still slams harder than any modern techno track I’ve ever heard. I first heard Gesaffelstein play this live at one of the 34 shows of his I’ve been to and think I actually cried… Either cried or assumed the fetal position on the dancefloor.