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  • Max Rosenzweig aka Diveo is a Manhattan-based producer, songwriter, and vocalist who’s bringing a bonus layer of sincerity to the ever-growing world of cute dance music culture.… Continue

  • At the start of the year, Bay Area trio, The M Machine, launched their 2014 catalog with one of the dance scene’s first vocaloid-repping tracks with the razer sharp Blade Runner big room of “Superflat.” Since then, they’ve been working on what is now their new five-track release, the Just Like EP – a collection of sounds informed by the deeper side of current dance music which still fully maintains The M Machine style.… Continue

  • Dirty Chocolate. Get familiar.
    He’s an affiliate of two of the best collectives out there right now, Peachboiz (RIP) and Moving Castle, and he’s also one of the best at channeling virtual worlds and nostalgia influences into something new and original.… Continue