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  • Melbourne’s Fresh Hex is a lil bit A. G. Cook and Sophie, a lil bit Unicorn Kid and Doss, a lil bit rave and club — a lil bit of everything. Over the last year he’s released a solid collection… Read More

  • Nightcore, as a genre, feels new, despite it having been around for over a decade. At four million uploads, there are almost as many nightcore songs on Youtube as “deep house” (3.8M) and “moombahton” (261K) combined. You can search pretty… Read More

  • I came out of this interview with Isabelle Rezazadeh, pka REZZ, feeling super inspired. She talks really fast. And a lot. And everything she says seems like it’s in all caps. It’s not that she’s screaming, there’s just a drive… Read More

  • Our friend Rasha continues her coverage of the Full Flex Express tour with photos from the crew’s day off in Edmonton.

    Arriving in Edmonton we had a day off, we went exploring in the beautiful city.

    Diplo executing the perfect… Read More

  • Our friend Rasha continues her coverage of the Full Flex Express train tour in Canada with a glimpse into the crew’s stop in Toronto.

    Arriving onto Toronto the girls (Mija & Anna Lunoe) see this huge stadium behind the dressing… Read More

  • Saitama, Japan’s Masayoshi Iimori is the best thing to happen to trap since Mr. Carmack. His approach to production, like Carmack’s, feels loud, completely care free and often hilariously trolly — yet, it’s still amazingly put together. His remix of… Read More

  • Mija has gone from local Phoenix, Arizona based DJ to worldwide in-demand act in a little over a year — and for good reason. Her Bonnaroo B2B Sunrise set with Skrillex introduced her and her sound to the world. Her… Read More