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  • Leo Justi is a Brazilian producer and DJ who’s championing a sound called “Heavy Baile”, a style which sounds like baile funk’s hi-fi, hyper-rowdy little brother.… Continue

  • Indio, CA’s famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival have announced the lineup for their two-week festival this April, with headliners AC/DC, Jack White, and Drake all snagging the top line.… Continue

  • Max Rosenzweig aka Diveo is a Manhattan-based producer, songwriter, and vocalist who’s bringing a bonus layer of sincerity to the ever-growing world of cute dance music culture.… Continue

  • At the start of the year, Bay Area trio, The M Machine, launched their 2014 catalog with one of the dance scene’s first vocaloid-repping tracks with the razer sharp Blade Runner big room of “Superflat.” Since then, they’ve been working on what is now their new five-track release, the Just Like EP – a collection of sounds informed by the deeper side of current dance music which still fully maintains The M Machine style.… Continue